Running Around…

… except not actually running. Since I’m still on IR. (i.e. undergoing PT) <— let me find a couple more abbreviations for being injured… we like abbreviations in sports – DNF, DNS, PR, RICE, NRR, XC, XT…

Anyhow, the point is that life has gotten cRaZy busy these past few weeks and I have a LOT going on. Definitely more than usual, hence the quieting down on the blog front. Travel has increased, big changes are going down in my life, and I’m working on repairing my poor calves…. oh and starting to attempt to master a new sport! (oh hai cyclocross.)

But, with all of this going on, I have taken a vow: “I solemnly swear I will stretch and strength train properly during my Ironman training…”

Now, someone please just keep me accountable to that! I’m really a lazy athlete, I like to skip the important in-between stuff that I know I should be doing – luckily my coach and my PT (who is also one of our T2 coaches) are kicking my butt right now for that, which will hopefully make me a bit more accountable on this front.

In lieu of the topics that I really want to write about, (I have a number of ideas for entries that I would like to spend time weaving into words but I am pressing pause until I have a little more time to devote to them, letting them simmer a while longer in my notebooks.) I’m going to bombard you with a lot of pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Oh, and this: 31 Dog Reactions for Everyday Situations.

Seriously, you can thank me later.

Photo Recap//

No Ragnar for me this year… so I volunteered!



Post Volunteer Session Bike Ride, had fun going out and cheering everyone on as they ran through the Saratoga County countryside! IMG_9717.JPG

Pumpkin Beer Season is here! Time to stock up before they change to Winter beers… IMG_9721.JPG

He kills me. “Guarding” (or maybe just sleeping with) the toy so Roxie can’t have it…


Stretch, PT, Ice… Repeat the next day…


Someone is super helpful with PT exercises. IMG_9710.JPG


A trip to Washington DC with my LEAD NY Class. So excited for year #2 with these amazing people. A trip to Ottawa and Africa are next up – then we wrap up the program – the time has flown by and we’ve learned so much (and will learn SO much more!)!






Along with the DC theme…. Love Kid President.

Love more, hate less. IMG_9751.JPG

Wednesday night a few of us ate at the Founding Farmers in DC. If you’re ever visiting DC, you should definitely eat here – it was amazing!


Visiting Gettysburg on our way home from DC. IMG_9759.JPG


Bronco is loving this. IMG_9764.JPG

Back on the toy front…


Also, this week marks 1 year of having Bronco as a member of my little family!

He has definitely added a lot of love to my life! IMG_9776.JPG

Friday Night Football.IMG_9769.JPG

Well, that sums up some random aspects of the past 2 weeks…  exited for PT sessions this week, the plan is to start some supervised running on a treadmill. I’m hoping I will be given the go ahead to start mixing in some light running again. Although, it has been fun to focus more on strength sessions, swimming, and of course biking!


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