Fall into it.

Since I’m still just working through my PT on the athletic side of things, I think I’m going to keep my comments brief again for this post. I have to admit, while I have been going to PT twice a week, I’ve been trying to swim and bike a couple times a week, but life has gotten crazy lately. So with that, I’m really just focusing on trying to get through the next couple of weeks. At that point, hopefully the bulk of craziness should be behind me and hopefully I’ll be done with PT and back into the swing of things to start ramping into my Ironman training.

So without any further delay… Photo Recap!

Biking the new trail at the parkway – sadly the picture really doesn’t do it justice, it was so pretty!


Enjoying the beautiful fall weather – spent some time at Green Lakes with the pups – Love this place!




Cruising around with Hungry Hank.


Festive pup. Annnnd… Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Bronco joining our little family!



My weekends have included hanging out at Hanehan Pumpkins a bit.  This is my cousin’s stand and I love helping out a bit each year – it’s been a tradition since we were all in elementary school!



They do such a fantastic job – and I think you would be hard pressed to find a better selection or variety of pumpkins!!



In addition to hanging around pumpkins, I’ve been hanging with the CX scene a bit. Sunday was the NYCross Championships – was so great to watch a few friends as they raced!


Mud, leaves, bikes and obstacles. What could be better?


My newest seasonal decoration – courtesy of Stiches & Time Antique Shop- so cute! (and yes I realize this is not actually an antique…)IMG_9860.JPG

Been going through a few home repairs lately… attempting to kickstart my furnace by re-pressurizing with a bike pump.  Unfortunately, no dice.


A package from Poland! I may or may not love Etsy and the custom clothing you can purchase…


Fortune cookie, why are you always so smart?






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