Destination Dirtbag.

Here I sit, amidst change, evaluating opportunities.

Opportunities to pursue new outcomes.

Opportunities to run down more dreams.

This month, I have been between my last career opportunity and preparing to embrace my next career opportunity. I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve had time to reflect.

Time to find a new adventure. (Or two, or three, or…. I’m always dreaming up new adventures. And this year has a few lined up!)

ANYWAY, after putting most of my “other” plans on hold to pursue the BIG plan of 2015 (i.e. my Ironman). I’m ready to go after new plans.

First up?

Destination Dirtbag.


Yes, that’s right. I’m going to be living the dirtbag life. For a few days anyways…

This is my vacation between jobs!? It may not sound like the traditional or ideal vacation for many. They sort of vacation that involves sitting on a beach, drinking fancy drinks, and soaking up the sun. That’s not my type of vacation. I’d rather pursue a new adventure.

So, with that in mind… I’ll be flying out west, grabbing a van and living out of it for 10 days.

I. Cannot. Wait.

Now, I am fully aware I’m only fake dirt-bagging it here since I do have a new career path locked down and a start date on the calendar. And I still have my home and my established life. Clearly, I’m not going to be living from a van for an extended period of time which would provide me with true dirtbag status, but a girl can try to experience all she can while she has the opportunity to pursue it.

Living from a van. Traveling from National Park to National Park – hiking, taking in the beauty, getting as dirty as I can, embracing as much of nature as I can, meeting as many new people as I can – as I travel through UT, AZ, and maybe part of ID, WY and MT – depending on how much time I choose to spend in the first part of the trip. I have a tentative list of places to see but no real agenda or schedule. I’m just going with the flow and taking whatever time I want to, and feel I need to, in order to truly explore each park to my hearts desire. Heaven. No schedule, no plan, some time to hike, relax, and soak it all in. (Like I said, I cannot wait!)

Now, I will take a (small) moment to let you know that I am not disillusioned here. I am sure there will be low points mixed in with the high points with this action. Tenting and van sleeping are not always the most comfortable of solutions, especially for a bit of an extended time. Hiking every day will likely leave me sore and tired some days, but I am convinced that the scenery will help to fill me up and reward the work that is put in.

So with this, I am signing off and unplugging for the next bit of time as I fly off to my next grand adventure.


To live


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