As we close out the 20-teen’s, I can’t help but reflect back on all the craziness that this past decade contained for me. A few detours I did not see coming, and many adventures that I made sure to reach out and grab with both hands. I’ve shared some of the stories here along the way, but many of them have stayed close to the vest and away from public consumption.

I started this decade in my 25th year and close it out at 35 years strong. There are certainly things that I wish I could go back to my 25 year old self and tell her not to worry about, or to avoid… but then again, I’m sure anyone could say the same for their own lives.

It’s also true that these lessons form us to be who we are. The differences in life tend to be how well we learn from these lessons.

In the past decade, I have met people that enhanced my life, and I’ve met a few that tried to tear me down and destroy me when I did not conform to their own reality.

I’ve learned that my intuition is not to be ignored. She knows more than I give her credit for.

I’ve learned that jumping off the cliff and into something new is scary as hell. And that you might get bruised, cut and broken on the way down – but that the rebuilding is so worth it.


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