What’s Comin’

In other words, what will be will be.

Don’t waste your hours or days worrying about what is coming.

Easier said than done in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic which has seemingly infused uncertainty into every moment of our daily lives.

Will you be ready for what may come?

Probably not.

Can you prepare for it?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Can your worry yourself into oblivion?


Does it make the outcome more bearable?


Likely, worry will only result in you feeling more exhausted and strung out when the time comes for you to step up and move forward.

So, where does this leave us?

What is going to help you move forward? What is productive when it seems like all productivity has halted?

An open mind and an open heart. Kindness. A sense of connectivity while being physically distant.

Doing what you can every day to help yourself and to maybe more importantly help others.

You see, taking the focus off yourself and how bad you may feel and shifting it to how you can make someone else’s day brighter will not only help someone else but it has a boomerang effect – it will make you feel better. It will pass some time, it will improve the world, and it will help us all deal with what may be comin’ and help us meet it when it comes.

The future is uncertain.

But, the reality is the uncertainty is always present – pandemic or not.

Most of us have adapted to our daily lives with expertise that allows us to easily ignore the uncertainty because we stay so busy in our routines. Our daily lives are always subject to a moment’s change, to sudden shifts – to disaster, disease, despair – we’re just really good at ignoring the uncertainty when things operate at their status quo.

Most of us live in a lulled state of existence.

Right now, admit great change, we’re all awake and sitting at attention.

And it is uncomfortable.

Lean into that discomfort. Feel it. Acknowledge it.

Transform it into action.

Meet what’s comin’ – whatever it may be – with courage, resilience, and the knowledge that you’ll get through this. We will adapt. The world will continue to change. And life may become better than we ever imagined.

I urge you, do not let fear rue the day. Look for the silver linings and move onward. Love hard, be kind, rise above.


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