The distance between dreams & reality.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write (clearly), which is really a reflection of all the changes that have taken place in my life over the past 20(ish) months and a change in focus during that time.

Since there have been so many changes in my life including a relocation, leaving my career of 10 years, starting a new role with a new company only to realize it was a really poor fit, and then changing direction yet again to start on with yet another company. Ultimately all of this change that I have forced myself though has propelled me toward my long-term goals, but I will not try to hide the fact that it has taken a while to adjust to it all. (Change is HARD. Seriously.) However, I’m happy to report that I’m finally getting to a place of feeling settled back in and established in my community – and it feels SO good!

In addition to all the job changes, I relocated back home to Saratoga and have been working on settling into the community, volunteering, spending time with family and friends all while working on making changes to my home – painting, clearing brush, establishing a garden, landscaping, and more (all the joys of homeownership!).

On the athletic side of things it’s been a true rollercoaster these as well. Turns out that when you throw all the balls up in the air,  it’s hard to catch them all on the way down… I attempted to “scale back” to “only” do a 70.3 last year along with a few other miscellaneous races I wanted to participate in. Turns out that wasn’t as scaled back as I thought it would be (Ironman can do crazy things to your thinking patterns, believe me!)… and I did not bounce back very well – and to be being brutally honest, I really had pushed myself (mind and body) to a place of stress and fatigue with all the changes I made to my life. The end result was a year of uninspired training and racing, coupled with lots of feelings of fatigue and frustration – it wasn’t great. However, with the rest that I granted myself this winter (I moved pretty minimally between October and March this year) I am now back to training and I’ve been incorporating some yoga and strength training alongside of my swimming, biking and running – I am FINALLY feeling back to my prior self and starting to find strength and success in my current athletic endeavors! (You have NO idea how exciting this is for me!)

Anyhow, now that you’ve read all of that back story, I will sum it up here: life has been busy and FULL of changes (and blessings)!

It is in part of these changes that I have decided to rebrand and refresh my little site to better reflect where I’m at in life. No longer feeling like I’m ‘running down dreams’ as my journey through those 140.6 miles of my Ironman in 2015 fully confirmed and solidified the fact that I can achieve anything (yes ANYTHING) that I put my mind to and that this fact holds true for anyone that walks this earth as long as you find the drive to achieve, prepare and take action. (Action will always devour even the best intentions.)


As I move forward in life, I’m planning for this site to focus a bit more on my random thoughts and perspectives that ruminate in my mind as I rack up the miles (swim, bike, run, paddle, drive or fly!) rather than counting the miles or tracking my week to week workouts that I complete (but trust me I’ll still be completing them)!

So get ready for more quotes (because I love them), more random thoughts (because my brain can travel to some interesting places while pondering the world), and overall more fun, more love, and more life.

And even if nobody reads any of this, it will still be all good – I’ll just be the crazy person over here in the corner talking to herself! 🙂



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