Backup Plans.

Life has been moving at a crazy fast speed for me these past few weeks. I would have thought with an injury that things would slow down…  and they both have and have not. I have less runs to fit in my schedule (no running until at least November for me), but tons of PT and icing sessions have entered my life. Also, I’m finding lots of value in being a triathlete instead of simply a runner since I have two other sports to “fall back” on that don’t have high impact – biking and swimming – and therefore are approved for my continued adventures. When one door closes… you have to find another to open. Having a backup plan (or sport) is always a good idea.

Speaking of continued adventures, the past couple of years I had been toying with the idea of getting a mountain bike to diversify my biking routine. Well, that’s off the table – for now – I’ve discovered Cyclocross! I’m not sure how I’ve managed to miss this amazing sport until now, but I’m so glad that I opened my eyes and realized what amazingness lies within the world of cyclocross. It’s the best of both worlds – speed and a road bike type frame, with dirt and mud and grass and obstacles and so so so much fun! The handling skills and flying dismounts are so fun to practice PLUS there are tons of awesome people in the sport PLUS it’s a great mental break from the IM base maintenance I’ve been trying to keep up and stay motivated with. Last week was my first exposure to actually riding cyclocross, but I was bitten by the bug pretty hard. Happily, I have a friend that is letting me borrow a bike so I can hold off on the purchase of said cyclocross bike and just have fun this fall. (Although my PT told me no obstacles for a couple weeks – my dang calf muscles just can’t handle it… I really screwed myself up this time.)

Other than my newly discovered love for cyclocross, I’ve been biking and swimming to keep up some level of off-season fitness and work has been down right CrAzY. Seriously, my job ramped up the craziness this spring, set in another level of crazy during the summer, and has layered in even more these past 4 weeks. I’m grateful that I’m in the off season for tri because I would not be able to be pulling the hours that I currently am, plus training, plus being a fully functioning and friendly member of society. I know I don’t normally mention work here, but it’s a part of my life and it’s definitely playing a bigger role right now. It’s all about balance. I’m happy to put in the time, but will be happy when this extra work load lightens up again too!

The one thing I am certain of in life is that things always change. People come and go from your life, there are ups and downs, there is times of craziness and times for rest, and the only thing that matters is your ability to adapt to the changes. Things always work out for the best, one way or another. We all certainly get the chance to help direct the changes in our life by the attitude and the mindset that we face them with.

Change is good. It allows us to grow.

Weekly Workouts//  

Week 1

  • Monday – Rest Day/Golfing
  • Tuesday – Rest Day/Travel to Reno – crazy meeting day 22 hours start to finish!
  • Wednesday – Scheduled for 30 Min on ARC Trainer – No workout due to crazy meeting schedule – a 19 hour day!
  • Thursday – 35 Minute on Stationary Bike before hoping a plane to travel back from Reno
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – AM – Pure Barre Class
  • Saturday – PM – 1800 yard swim
  • Sunday – Endurance Bike – 2 hours/32 Miles

Week 2

  • Monday – Rest Day/Start of PT
  • Tuesday – Cyclocross!/PT Session
  • Wednesday – 2200 Yard Swim/PT Session
  • Thursday – Rest Day/PT Session
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 2 hour/35 Mile Endurance Bike/PT Session
  • Sunday – 2200 yard swim/Pumpkin Picking for 45 Minutes

Photo Recap//

First, a few good things (before the pics…)

I read this book on my way back from Reno – it’s not currently available in paperback, but if you can you should download and read it. Very interesting and lots of great perspective on no only athletics, but life in general.


My room in Reno. I swear it was bigger than my house! IMG_9658.JPG

View from my room on the 19th floor… IMG_9659.JPG


Eat, Sleep, Bike, Repeat. Love this!

A thank you gift from Ragnar for the extra work I did this year. So sweet!


The view from the top of Sweet Road (Syracuse IM 70.3 course). If you zoom in, you can see the dome to the left… Amazing scenery.


This is how I roll…. #bettydesigns


Had some seemingly bad news delivered. But I’m certain this is going to turn into something amazing. Stay tuned. IMG_9676.JPG

Someone went to critter sitter – I felt like a mom putting her kid on the school bus. He then slept for 2 days…


Cyclocross! Waiting instructions on our next obstacle. IMG_9692.JPG

Dismount and carry – onward and upward! IMG_9694.JPG

It’s all about the tape to tape.


Apples from the best orchard in ENY! IMG_9699-0.JPGHoly giant apple…


And sometimes, they actually get along!


Enjoying the last of the summer weather, top off the jeep, head out the window (Roxie’s, not mine.)IMG_9703-1.JPG


One thought on “Backup Plans.

  1. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    I’ve heard cyclocross is addicting. I’ve also heard it is great to do in the off-season to help strength your bike skills! You probably already know that!! 🙂
    I am glad that you are finding other things to do besides running! Once November hits I bet you will be surprised how well you are running!!
    Great pictures as usual!


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