A fun weekend!

This weekend was a little crazy… I returned to Syracuse Thursday night, got a quick swim in and then tried to catch up on life since I had been out of town since Monday morning.

Then Friday – CBW, V, RB and I had obtained a room at 93Qs Amy’s Slumber Party.  This is a crazy event that a couple of us had attended in the past with Vendor Passes, but this year we went for the full deal and reserved a room to stay the night.  We decided to go with an 80s theme with our outfits… lots of bright makeup, crimped hair, fringed t-shirts, leggings, etc. Good Times.

Our 80s version of Amy’s Slumber Party.
a little fun… ok, or a lot of fun.

After our festivities wrapped at the slumber party Saturday morning, I got home and mustered up the energy to hit the roads for a long run.  My goal was to hit 7.5 miles, I managed to get in 7.1 before I realized I had to be ready to head to the dome in 20 minutes… however it was one of the best runs I’ve been on in a while, I ran all over my neighborhood, and even included a little loop which took me off-roading across the snowy golf course. Despite the fact it was rain/snowing I really enjoyed the slightly warmer temps (35 degrees) and the ability to get a run in that did not include staring at the muted TVs on the wall of the gym!

After my run, a super quick shower and bite to eat – a few of us headed to a tailgate up on the hill for the SU game.  It was the last home game for SU v. Georgetown as part of the Big East and had a record crowd.  They sold 35,012 seats – I can’t believe some of the seats that people actually paid for.  That’s dedication!  (I was given tickets from one of the farms that belongs to the cooperative that I work for.. he had tickets he wasn’t going to use and asked if I wanted them – they were excellent seats, and free – that’s what I call a double bonus!)

Go SU!

While the game didn’t have a good outcome for the Orange, it was still a lot of fun to go and spend time rooting for the team and spending the afternoon with a few good friends!

What did you do this weekend?
Have any fun adventures?


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