And so it starts.

The Road Map.

Well, it’s official.  The training from Coach K has started.  Time to kick things into high gear!  Last week, K sent me my road map that shows the high level goals for my training for the next 18 weeks. This factors in the various races I’ll be competing in between now and the 70.3 and helps to show the peak training goals by week. Seems manageable enough…

Then yesterday K sent me the details for the first few weeks of training.  It’s everything a training plan should be, intervals, drills, and all of the things that I always knew I should be doing but never had taken the time to really figure out how to do for the various sports.  It also makes me realize that while I have successfully trained myself for various sprint and intermediate distance tris, I probably definitely could have been training smarter and been a much stronger athlete.

Week #1 Plan.

Tonight I completed some endurance work on the bike. While I have always fought my time on the bike trainer, I have to admit having the intervals made the time go by SOOOO much faster! Also, I definitely got a MUCH better workout than my normal time on the trainer.  I was so gross by the end of the session, it was fantastic.

First set of Intervals

Set 2 of Bike Intervals.

After my bike session, it was time to refuel.  Luckily I had leftover roasted veggies including sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and onions.  Then threw in grilled chicken & pesto.  It was delicious!  I really need to focus on my nutrition.  I have usually worked out so I can eat whatever I want… however I have a feeling that as I continue to work and push to meet the goal of the 70.3 I might have to adjust that focus a bit…

Finally, because I like to be able to see my progress… I’m still going to be updating my weekly workout board.  I find it’s a lot more fun to be able to check in every day to see what I need to do and what I’ll be doing for the rest of the week.  This week’s board is especially fun, not only for the new intense workouts, but for the weekend activity – my annual ski trip out West with my college friends!!  So excited to see the crew and get some great skiing in!!

My version of the week ahead…

My goal for tomorrow:  Run before work, and tackle the swim drills after work… then packing for KC & SLC!


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