Just Start.

Starting is always the hardest part.

Then sticking with it.  Don’t give up.  Continue.

Little by little, the progress appears.
You can run farther, or a little faster, or the workout doesn’t seem to be as hard as it was before.

Next, stop for a minute and enjoy.
Enjoy the progress, the effort it took to achieve the progress, and the process of improving.

Then dream. Dream big. Then dream bigger.
Continue to dream, stretch, and reach for the next step.

After all, you never know what is possible unless you try (or tri…).
And even if you fail, or fall short of the dream, or even if the dream isn’t what you originally set out to achieve… You’ll have learned something new, experienced something new, and discovered that more is possible. Situations will show themselves in a new light, and it may be better than anything you could have dreamed up in the first place.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been feeling a bit more optimistic than usual lately, but really, what fun is pessimism? I hope you are all finding something to be happy and upbeat about. Life is too short to waste it away with worry about failing or having it not working out the way you have planned it.


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