Timing is everything. (or maybe cadence is…)

Back on the bike today – I went 18.6 miles in 1 hr 10 minutes. I’m thinking that’s not too bad (really I have no idea of what is a good time, so I’ll say it’s good!).

Now – if I can do the run in 30 and the swim in under 20 I might have a chance of finishing this tri in about 2 hours. I’m thinking I might be a little over that time as my body becomes fatigued through the race, but it will be awesome if I can finish in that time!

Today on the bike I was around Minoa, and Green Lakes – lots of bikers this morning with the BEAUTIFUL weather. I just wish I had a partner in crime when it comes to riding my bike around. It would be awesome if there was someone to train with.
Also, the computer on the bike was awesome. I really focused on my cadence – I was told to keep it between 80 and 90 for max efficiency on the bike. I found that monitoring the cadence also helped me with my gears, and knowing when it was time to change things up. I felt like this ride was a really good one, even though I was wishing it was over around mile marker 12… glad I pushed through those last 6.6 miles.

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