An overdue update

This past weekend, I got a bunch of biking in.
Friday night – 11 miles give or take
Saturday morning – 11.5 miles plus I ran 3.3 miles afterward
Sunday – approximately 10 miles
Also, my parents gave me a gift certificate to the bike shop for my b-day, so I’m actually getting a bike computer installed on my bike tomorrow – it will give me an odometer, trip, time, speed, cadence and a couple of other info things to track.  So I will actually know how far I have traveled on the bike, and how well I am doing… so excited!
Oh, and Tuesday I did swim 1600 meters.  I feel like I am definitely getting stronger, but my timing with strokes and such still needs work to keep my rhythm smoother.  Also, yesterday, I finally ordered my wet-suit.  So that will be a new item to tackle once it arrives.  I will have to get it on, and try some open water swims!
As for the rest of this week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) I have taken off to 1) let my knee rest since it was bothering me all weekend…. the dancing at the wedding did not really help things any…. and 2) because it was supposed to be a rest week!  I really had to force myself to take it easy.  Hopefully I will get a swim in tomorrow evening, then I am praying that when I do some biking and running this weekend, that my knee feels a bit better!

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