Running with “Boots”

So today was a gorgeous day, I started off by working on chipping and scrapping paint around my house and by lunch time I was in desperate need for a quick distraction. I decided I should probably get a run in since I hadn’t done that since last weekend. I set off around the neighborhood and I was definitely feeling tired from lack of sleep.
The lack of sleep is due to the family of crows that are living in the tree right outside my window for my bedroom. Every morning at 5:30 or earlier they start their cawing and do not stop until 9 or 10 am… needless to say I’m ready to get a gun and shoot the damn things, but somehow I don’t think that would be kosher since I live in the city… but I digress...
So I was tired from my lack of sleep, and working my way around my loop. I was about 2.5 miles into the run and came around a corner down cook ave when suddenly I heard this yell of “BOOTS, NO!” I started to cringe because I was certain that a dog of unknown size may have been heading my way. I decided to keep running, and once again I hear “BOOTS!”. Next thing I know, this cute little brown dachshund comes running up on my left side (or actually it was more like a gallop, those little legs make the dog look pretty funny as it’s trying to move it’s long skinny body along). I kept running for a few yards figuring that the dog would get tired and turn around, but I soon realized that Boots was in for the long-haul. So being a good person, I stopped running. The only problem was that Boots saw someone else walking along the street, and decided to go see them too. I then decided to take it upon myself to yell for Boots and luckily he came back to see me. He really was a sweet little dog, like Roxie just shorter. Very friendly. So at this point, I coaxed the dog to let me pick him up and I walked him back to his owner.
Needless to say, that was really the highlight of my run today. I ran for a full 30 minutes, never really felt great while I was running, but at least I finished my run without giving up and I met a pretty cool dog named Boots who likes to run. Now only if I could convince my little Jack Russell that she should run with me, I’d be in pretty good shape!

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