End of the week of travel

Well, I did manage to squeeze in 2 workouts during the week seminar. I cannot believe how busy they kept us! However, all in all, I feel decent about it – I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of workouts this week so I could allow my body to recover from the intesne workouts that I have been putting it through the last two weeks.

I got in a quick run on the treadmill at the gym last night and a quick ride on the stationary bike. Also, since the conference was officially over yesterday and I had free time in KC during the evening, I decided to call up some of my co-workers and ended up playing softball with the DFA KC team. It was a lot a fun – they have a co-ed team, and it’s a lot faster pace than my all women’s team back in NY.

We’ll now it’s home again, just sitting in the Chicago Airport waiting for my flight. Need to get back at the workouts this weekend. Hopefully I’ll get a swim in and a couple decent bike rides over the holiday weekend! Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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