I WILL exercise while traveling…

Well, I managed to get a quick workout tonight, although I definitely should have eaten less at dinner. It’s pretty difficult to fit anything in, this conference that I am at definitely keeps my day full… we are starting at 7:30 am every morning and do not return to the hotel till 9 or so at night. Also, the hour time difference is not helping me out any, I’m definitely dragging a little out here… oh and it’s also fabulous how bad the food is for you at these conferences. The meals are pretty rich and it seems like every break time is filled with cookies, ice cream and other sweets. I really wish there were more healthy options. Fruit, yogurt and other similar food would be nice.

Anyhow – I managed to run 20 minutes tonight on the treadmill at the hotel, I think I’ll try to get a workout in Thursday evening as well. Glad this is my “rest” week. I think when all is said and done, I’ll probably have taken Monday, Wednesday and Friday as off nights, and just fit in 20 minute sessions for Tues and Thurs. I’ll go back to my full schedule of workouts on Saturday.


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