My First Block Workout

So today I decided to head East to my parents house, when I got there, I said hi to everyone then jumped onto my bike to put a few miles in. Well my few miles, turned into a longer ride than I had planned, but hey, it was a nice day!

I rode a total of 16.2 miles today, with a pit stop at the monument. Also, it was kinda neat because shortly after I passed the (Bill) Peck Farm, a biker came up beside me – so I looked over to say hi and realized it was my cousin Chris. Since our family has become so spread out, I don’t really see him to often, so it was a bit of a surprise. We ended up riding along together for a couple of miles and talked about biking and training for different athletic events. Again another person who was highly recommending that I get clip-less pedals and bike shoes for my adventures. Everyone keeps telling me they make a world of difference. I am definitely intrigued by them, but I’m not quite ready to make the investment there….

Well, after my ride (which had lasted about an hour), I quickly took off my helmet and stuck my bike in the garage. I figured this would be a similar time to my re-racking of the bike on race day. I then began my run. WOW – the transition to running after an hour of biking is definitely a challenge! I had my second “What was I thinking when I signed up for this?!” moment… The first 1/4 to 1/2 mile was painful. I took small steps like I was told I would have to do, but I definitely was having issues with my calves cramping up, however I managed to push through it. I ended up running 2 miles in about 17 minutes. Not too bad. I was only 1.1 mile short of the actual race day run. I can’t imagine how tired I am going to be by the time I get to the run during the triathlon! Good thing I still have about 2 months to train… although I think that overall, I’m doing pretty good so far.

Overall, I was 2.4 miles short of the full bike today and 1.1 mile short on the run. I think I could have done the entire length on both the bike and the run today if I had to. I actually was feeling pretty good on my run when I finished the 2nd mile, and thought about running a 3rd mile – but, I decided I should not push myself too hard so I could avoid any unnecessary injury. I am also afraid of burning myself out. I need to still have more goals to go for.

Ultimately, before race day I want to be in good enough shape to able to swim 1000 meters, bike 25 miles and run 4+ miles.

After today, I realize that I need to start focusing on the swimming more. I can get the biking and the running part down, but the swim is definitely still my biggest challenge at this point in time. I am going to increase the number of swim workouts in my schedule so I can really start to get ready for that portion of the race.


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