Blisters, Oreos, and Beer.




Did I get your attention? 

Did you know that all of these items – blisters, oreos and beer – go hand and hand with triathlon?

I was well educated on this today. Well, actually blisters, black/dead toenails, calluses, etc. have been the popular topic of discussion (including some N.A.S.T.Y. photographic evidence – I’ll spare you all…) on my team’s list-serve this week. Why? Well, Ironman Lake Placid (IMLP) is in 2 weeks, and the final ailments and nerves are starting to set in – everyone is looking for advice on how to fix their feet before completing 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running in just 14 days!! 

While the serious discussion about pros and cons of pedicures, various foot treatments, and the like was fully vetted, finally someone in the group pipped up with: “Do you know what does not cause blisters? Oreos, beer and sprint triathlons” and I couldn’t help but join in at this point, agree with the Oreos, beer and sprint tri statement – and then subsequently let my team know they were making me question my mission to sign up for IMLP next year! 

The response from the team? “Just dip the Oreos in Beer and then sign up!!! And don’t tell your coach you’re eating Oreos, best some things she doesn’t know!”

Finally followed with my coach chiming in with: “WHAT?? WHO is eating Oreos????” 

Silence ensued on the list-serve… 

Ok, so I’m sure not as funny when you’re not part of the group convo… but I enjoyed the banter back and forth this afternoon. Especially given the fact that I struggled with my long run today and was already questioning my true desire to pursue this goal. — But no worries, I’m sticking with it! 

Anyhow, a few other random thoughts – the past two weeks have been good. In the post-70.3 race life, I’m still working out a bunch, but it’s more to maintain a base volume. It’s nice, because while I still have a plan for working out, the pressure is off. The rest of my races for this year are purely for fun, so if I miss a workout here or there, I know it’s not the end of the world! PLUS I still have the daily schedule and can see my progress in swimming, biking and running continue! 

The side benefit of post-70.3, I have spent more time with friends – a 4th of July gathering where I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet some new friends and meet one of my fellow CNY bloggers!! It was a great holiday! 

This past week brought some crazy weather, some crazy work volume, travel to Pennsylvania, I finished the book The Goldfinch (which I struggled with for a bit, but really enjoyed it by the end!), swam and hung out with friends Thursday night, went for a ride with a friend on Friday, and completed a brick session with a friend on Saturday! Loving that I can incorporate some more social fun back into my life. — Balance is key! It’s something I strive for, but admittedly miss the mark on at times… 

With that, it seems fitting to cue up my workouts and the photos of the week! 😉 

Weekly Workouts//


  • Monday – Swim 1600 – Decending 100’s / Splits 1:22-1:26
  • Tuesday – 1:30 Bike Trainer/Speed Workout – due to multiple interruptions and unplanned events (i.e. my fence blowing over in the storm and work events) this ended up being only 40 minutes long
  • Wednesday – Track Workout – Yasso 800’s!/7 miles
  • Thursday – Swim 2200 – 100’s with short recoveries
  • Friday – 1:30 Relaxed Bike Ride – 25 Miles
  • Saturday – 1:45 Short Brick – 25 Mile Bike/2.5 Mile Run
  • Sunday – 2:15 Run- 14.2 Miles


Weekly Totals//


  • Swim – 60 minutes – 3800 yards
  • Bike – 2 Hours, 10 Minutes – 35 Miles
  • Run – 3 hours, 15 minutes – 21.2 miles
  • Brick – 1 hours, 45 minutes – 25 miles Bike/2.5 miles Run
  • Total Time – 8 hours, 30 minutes 


Weekly Photo Recap//

Monday’s Dinner – Chicken Tacos! – I cooked the chicken in the slow cooker for the afternoon so it had a pulled pork like consistency – so good! 


Fun, fun – working on Monday night… also the reason last week’s blog post never was fully completed…20140713-160841-58121503.jpg

Tuesday evening – Fence festivities thanks to some severe storm weather (luckily the trees are holding it up a bit…)


Second go round with Stich Fix. Not my favorite service, I already had similar jeans in my closet and the tanks were too expensive (in my opinion)…  I think I’ll just stick to shopping for myself. 



Yasso 800’s at the track – loved this workout but had some trouble pacing and ended up running them slightly faster than planned. I was consistent and held a 3:55 for all 6, but need to learn to slow it up slightly! 


Ah, biking! Good way to wind down the week. 


Riding past my friend Sam’s farm! 

20140713-160847-58127360.jpgHot and humid weekend = fruit smoothie creation time. 

20140713-160848-58128683.jpgFinally, finally, finally got around to assembling all the pieces of my chalkboard/corkboard cabinet that I dreamed up last November… had painted and stained all the parts in January, it just took me 6 months to take the plunge to assemble! 

20140713-161548-58548414.jpgPretty pumped with how it turned out! 

20140713-161547-58547501.jpgNext, just to hang it up and start using it! (I promise, I’ll get around to that before another 6 months pass…) 

20140713-161546-58546437.jpgMy favorite banana bread recipe ever! Coconut Banana Bread – I think I’ve made this about once a month since I discovered it! (Of course, I use actual dairy milk when I make it…) 

20140713-161549-58549396.jpgTrying to figure out how to make my bike stand out more in transition next weekend… Don’t want to lose it again! (Yes, I realize I probably need something a little more than just these small pieces of tape.) 

20140713-161550-58550462.jpgAs of this morning, my long runs have now started to spread beyond the half-marathon mark. I must admit, I just wasn’t mentally into it today – and really started to question my choice to run a marathon when I saw the paddle boarders at Green Lakes this morning… wished I could trade places!!!

(P.S. Mom, I partially took this pic for you –> Yoga on paddle boards – I told you it was a thing!)


Green Lakes trail shot – so beautiful here! 


Start of project #3 for the weekend. A plan for LP cheering!  (Also, you may be wondering where project #2 came from, or is shown. I’ll tell you this, #2 is almost done, but I’m keeping it under wraps for now – hope to be sharing it next week!)

20140713-162250-58970976.jpgAnd just for good measure – a pic of Rox and her secret toy for when Bronco is outside! 

20140713-162252-58972745.jpgWell, that’s it – hope you all had a fantastic week!

Tell me, did you go on any adventures?

Have you ever paddle boarded? Done yoga on a paddle board?

I want to try paddle boarding… minus the yoga… anyone want to go?!



6 thoughts on “Blisters, Oreos, and Beer.

  1. Violet says:

    Sounds like you’ve been really busy and props to you for doing all that, and good luck with your workouts!! 🙂 Even though I’m not doing triathlons like you ^^, does biking around the whole city count as an adventure? lol I recently came back from vacationing in Vancouver, Canada! I would love to do yoga on a paddle board one day! 🙂 Happy Summer!!


  2. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    That oreo bit was awesome!!! I can’t wait for you to sign up for LP!! Talk about an exciting adventure!!!
    If you did all 6 of those 800s at 3:55 why would you want to slow down?! If the times were all over the place then yes but consistency is good!! 🙂
    Funny you mention SUP because I am taking a lesson tonight! I am so excited! I hope I like it!! I have heard about people doing yoga on them! Sounds crazy!!


    1. Amie says:

      I can’t wait to sign up for LP either!

      My coach thought I should go a little slower – my biggest issue with longer races is pacing… but I agree, I thought the 800s were good!

      How was the SUP lesson? I think I am going on Thursday!!


      1. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

        The SUP lesson was so much fun!! The river was really windy also. I was nervous but loved it! We are going on vacation after we leave Whistler and I am excited to try it out again!! Have fun if you end up going!!!! 🙂


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