Maine, July 4th & the start of running miles and miles.

Well… I had started to work on this post Monday, built up the basics of my weekly post, and then never got around to finishing the text portion of the post.

Due to travel, work, spending time with family and friends, I’m finding that it’s now Wednesday night and this post is just not writing itself.

In other words, real life is getting in the way of the virtual one – but I think that is a good thing! So instead of my normal ramblings, just know I’m on the road again, juggling work and training and my social scene!

The pictures below will fill you in on some of the high points – although I must admit I missed quite a few opportunities to documents various things last week because I just didn’t feel like whipping out the camera! 

Weekly Workouts//

  • Monday – Swim 1600 – Fast 50s / Splits 39-41s
  • Tuesday – 50 Minute Base Run (around Portland!)
  • Wednesday – Unplanned Rest Day – cancelled workout due to insane traffic issues
  • Thursday – Track/Speed Workout – 6 miles 
  • Friday – Endurance Brick – with 5×1 Mile Hill Repeats on the Bike
  • Saturday – Rest Day
  • Sunday – 2 Hour Run- 13.1 Miles


Weekly Totals//

  • Swim – 25 minutes – 1600 yards
  • Bike – as part of brick workout
  • Run – 3 hours, 40 minutes – 24.6 miles
  • Brick – 2 hours, 25 minutes – 30 miles Bike/3 miles Run
  • Total Time – 6 hours, 40 minutes


Weekly Photo Recap//

Monday morning swim session at the Saratoga YMCA – thought I had spotted a bag under the counter… jumped a mile when I realized there was a dog by my foot! (ignore the crappy picture quality – first, cameras are not allowed in the locker room; second, I was trying to be covert since the owner was next to me…) 


Found this baby in New Hampshire – I am SO ExCiTeD & Happy! My favorite wine ever! (Also, makes me want to hop a plane and head back to NZ to visit my friends again!) 


Portland was such a neat city – want to go back when I’m not working so I can actually explore! 20140707-204953-74993120.jpg

Running around the Back Cove Trail in Portland, ME – it was hot & humid!!


Happy Cows… 90 degrees outside, nice a cool inside the barn, thanks to lots of fans & shade! 


Methane Digester at Stonyvale – they take cow manure and food waste and convert it to energy to put back on the grid! This baby powers 800 homes! 


Learning all about the digester. How it works and the process in which the farm went through to build it and keep it running successfully – the farm has a full time engineer to keep it going!

20140707-204844-74924577.jpgYes! My very own Stonyvale shirt! …it only took me 3 years to visit to get my shirt! 


Big Mutts. AKA Bronco. 🙂20140707-204949-74989575.jpg

Live filming of a zombie movie in Portland, ME…  zombies took over the froyo shop!!




Hanging on the pier in Portland, ME.20140705-084748-31668959.jpg



…was sent to Eventide on our search for a delicious lobster roll… 20140705-084745-31665220.jpg

So close to the end of my drive, yet so far… Albany traffic was a mess on Wednesday!


After 5 Hours of driving… only 30 minutes from final destination, after sitting in traffic for 2+ hours, I gave up and went for a burger and beer…



More traffic, post dinner…


July 4th Eats!


Bronco’s New Collar – Made of old bike tire inter tubes & with beer bottle opener!20140705-084740-31660539.jpg

Not sure if Bronco is trying to stop me from going running, or if he is hoping to go with me…

These beauties popped up in my black-eyed susan patch – not sure what kind they are, but they’re pretty! 


Cruising with the pups. Scouting the neighborhood… leaving their mark… letting all other dogs know who is boss in these parts. 


Someone loves the Jeep!! 


As seen on my Sunday morning Run. Love me some country roads!! 20140707-204744-74864244.jpg

13.1 Miles in 2 Hours. Not my best, not my worst. A solid start to marathon training. 20140707-204743-74863351.jpg


My traveling buffet table for long distance runs (aka my hydration pack). A foundation of friendship was laid down this spring… and a summer of marathon training will create an even stronger bond. 20140707-204742-74862450.jpg

Family party inclusive of lots of food tables. Time for Doggie Jail. 20140707-204745-74865999.jpg

Tired pups, post all day party. Not shown, Roxie hogging half of the backseat leaving Bronco without enough room to lay down… so, sleeping while leaning on the seat is apparently the next best option.


Working on notes to motivate a few IMLP athletes!! 20140707-204843-74923646.jpg

How was your July 4th weekend? Do anything fun?!

Whatever plans you had, I hope it was great!!














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