Steady Pace

“We can’t keep a steady pace without a pace partner. Someone that keeps your mind on track, your steps in stride, and your heart in the right place. Pace partners are also the ones that push you more when you need it and hold you back when your going too fast. I think we all need a good pace partner in life” (CotterCrunch)

This was a little thought that I read this morning on another blog and realized how true it is. Everyone has ups and downs in life, but we all need someone steady to go to. I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the past 6 months and it was another moment that made me pause and just be thankful for the true friends that I have in my life. The ones that are always there, through the good and the bad times, the ups and the downs. The ones that will listen and help you reflect on life, the ones that will support you and encourage you to follow your dreams when they seem overwhelming, the ones that are there every time and are never to be taken for granted. For those that have been there for me, I thank you. I’m sure I don’t thank you enough, but I am truly grateful for your support, love and friendship.

Ok, enough with the sappy stuff… onto the highlights of last week! (Because we all love highlights, they’re what make the days worth it!)

I started off the week the best way that I could: with Reeses Peanut Butter Cup coffee from Cool Beans Coffee! These coffee shops in Glens Falls, NY are awesome – they have so many unique and awesome flavors to choose from, I always have a difficult time picking out what to buy!


Last week started the kick off of the class that my friend R and I are taking at McGill University – we’re auditing a course “Food for Thought” on Food and Nutrition for free! So far they’re just covering the basics for week 1 – but I am very excited to obtain some professional perspective on the food we eat, the science behind it, and how the common “facts” about food found on the internet and press hold up to what is being taught.


Last week was another crazy cold week here in central NY – but Saturday brought about a heat wave – 21 degrees! I wasn’t going to let that pass me by (or the opportunity to get the pups out for some extended exercise) – so off to Highland Forest Park we went! After my 2+ hour bike ride in the morning, a group of us, including my 2 pups – loaded up the car with snow gear and snowshoes to hit the trails for a couple hours. It was great to just get outside, be active, and talk with friends after being stuck inside all week!


Now, time for a little training talk – I have to admit, over the past couple of weeks, the running per my training program has been mostly base runs at an easy pace (8:30 ish). While it’s been good to be logging the miles (and they are serving a purpose), I’ve felt like I’ve just been plodding away and bored out of my mind stuck on the treadmill. Sunday I finally broke through the drudgery – I was still stuck on a treadmill (mainly because I ended up opting out of the Chilly Chili 5K for a number of reasons) but I had a fantastic run – which was MUCH NEEDED after last week!

My training plan called for a 70 minute hilly run. I thought this was going to be torture, but I ended up having a lot of fun (yes, enter the sick, twisted, triathlon athlete mentality… I am one of those people that I used to call crazy when I saw them running for an hour+ at the gym).  My run consisted of a 10 minute easy warm up (9 min pace) then a hour which included 4 hill repeats (up to 5% incline at 8:15 pace) and then 10 minutes of flat to finish out where I decided to simply keep pushing up the speed until the treadmill hit its end time. I finished the run out with a 7:36 and a 6:53 pace miles. Admittedly, these speedy paces were NOT  included in the training plan, nor does it go along with my ‘steady pace’ theme that I opened this post with… but I REALLY needed to do some fast running… <Further realizes that she has a coach which is technically a pace partner to stop her from getting injured, but is still happy how yesterdays run turned out, vows to consult coach in the future regarding speed work.>

Anyhow… my total distance ended up being 8.5 (my garmin and the treadmill were having a disagreement on exact time and distance due to my negligence in pressing start and stop at the correct times). I was so pumped after this run – I don’t believe I’ve ever run for more than an hour on the treadmill (winter is just too much this year) nor have I ever run that far on a treadmill (yes, anything more than 6 or 7 miles still counts as a far distance for me – I know 2 miles is far for some and others it’s 20+ miles, so I guess we all just need to keep things in perspective for our own frame of mind. AND really, at the end of the day, it isn’t how far you go that matters but that you are active that matters!)  <<–That was a really long statement for parenthesis… but is truly how my mind works (in case you haven’t noticed, this blog doesn’t exactly hold up to formal written rules/procedures).


The full recap of my workouts from this past week:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 1:20 Bike with Tabata Sprints

Wednesday – 50 minute Base Run

Thursday – 1:10 Bike

Friday – 2100 yd Ladder Swim

Saturday – 2:10 Bike Long Hill Climbs (+ Snowshoeing)

Sunday – 1:10 Run – Hills

This week coming up: Recovery week – (YES!) – which means less intensity and volume of workouts so my body can rest up a bit before we start building up a bit more during the next 3 week cycle. After last week, my body definitely needs a little bit of R&R, and some time to focus a bit more on my steady pace.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!


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