Davidson Drafters – 100 Miles or Bust.

So this post is LOOOOONG OVERDUE! I have promised to fill you in here, and here, and I’ve been advertising this on my FB page… so yes, I’m very late in telling you all about something exciting! (My bad in dropping off the blogosphere.)

Yes. I’ve signed up to knock another item off my bucket list – the Century Ride. That’s right. 100 Miles, on my bike, powered by me. (Although, maybe I can incorporate a little Bronco power?! Just kidding…. although, I feel like while a great way for him to burn some energy… BUT this probably would not be a very safe or good idea, and probably definitely not part of the program…)

But anyway – I have signed up to be part of the Davison Brother’s Drafters Team for Tour de Cure in Saratoga Springs on June 1st!  So Pumped!


When I saw this advertised on Facebook, I just knew this had to be the century ride that my bucket list has been calling for. Not only do I get to be part of a super fun team, for a super amazing brewery, but I also get to raise money for a great cause – and what is better than that?! I have known several people in my life affected by diabetes, including my grandmother and my best friend from high school – so I get to challenge myself AND raise money for a disease that has affected some of those who are closest to me and also desperately needs a cure to be found.It’s perfect. PLUS I convinced my friend EM to sign up with me, so I’ll have someone to suffer through greatly enjoy the journey with!

If you are interested in donating to a great cause, please consider donating by following this link: Tour de Cure.  I’m halfway to my goal of $500 for this event AND if you’re interested in joining along for the ride, just follow the link and click on “Join My Team”!

Finally, I just want to send out a HUGE thank you to the family and friends that have already donated!! You’re all fantastic and I love you all!


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