One last training entry…

Well, it’s been a little while since I added anything. On Saturday I went for a very disappointing run. I got about 25 minutes into the run and my knees were killing me. I decided to start walking and not try to push things. The last thing I need at this point is for an injury to occur/flare up. I got home and iced my knees, took some Motrin (that was the first time since I started training that I gave in and took some meds), and watched a movie.

On Sunday, I went biking. My knees felt fine (which was a relief). I biked 18.6 miles in 1hr 10 minutes. Not bad and that was over some hilly terrain. I got home from biking that evening and decided to again take it easy. Even though I did not have issues, I thought it best not to take any chances!

Monday I had a second opportunity to swim in Oneida Lake. I swam the 800 meters in 15 minutes (30 seconds faster than Thursday!). I felt a bit better about the swimming and I am hopeful that I can finish in the same amount of time on Sunday at the race. I felt good because I was a bit stronger but I did not over exert myself either. After the swim I ran up to my bag and darted out to my car. I brought my bike so that I could test out my transition from swim to bike. I quickly stripped out of the wetsuit, grabbed the bike and I was off! The transition went pretty smoothly, all things considered – I think I can really do this thing! 🙂 I biked 10 miles today, and after 7 miles, I really started to discover where I am going to have issues with chaffing unless I protect myself with body glide… yeah…

Tuesday I started having an issue with my knees again when I was walking around target getting a few things for Bridgette’s baby shower. I’m really thinking this is something to do with wearing flip flops (no arch support). I got home Tuesday and just iced my knees, took another Motrin and hung out on the couch.

Wednesday, I took the day off from exercise again. I did however attend the baby shower then headed to Fleet Feet in Syracuse for a final pre-race discussion and overview of race day. This was another helpful session, they reviewed all of the rules and really worked to ease a lot of people’s concerns. I’m just feeling excited at this point and really ready for the race.

Tonight (Thursday) I came home from work and ran about 20 minutes. The humidity was a killer!! I hope it’s not humid like this Sunday, I was having some minor flare-ups with my asthma. The humidity also was causing me to really feel sluggish on the run. Not a great last training session, but I guess that’s all I have to work with. From here out it’s all rest until race day.

After my run, I went to Bella Domani – they had an Iron Girl pasta party for us. (Time to load-up on Carbs!) It was nice, I met some other people that have been training for the race. Actually at my table was a mother daughter team that were competing together. They were both really nice and actually News 10 Now just did a story on them earlier this week.

See story here:–mother-and-daughter-training-together/?RegionCookie=1013

Meghan and I were talking about the possibility of doing the Skinnyman Triathlon on Labor Day weekend, so we might train together for a bit after the Iron Girl. 🙂 It would be nice to not have to go solo all the time!


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