Choices, Chances, Changes.

Choices, Chances, Changes.

We all face them every day. They may not be big choices, grand chances or colossal changes. Yet they occur. All. Day. Long.


We decide what time to get out of bed.

We decide what to eat.

We decide what to wear.

We decide our activities for the day. Our priorities.

We decide if we go into auto-pilot with our day-to-day, with our weekly routine, with our lives. Or if we decide to take chances…


We are blessed that we are able to decide when to take chances.

To refuse the mindless routine. To mix it up.

To choose chance.

To actually take the chances that are presented to us.

To jump out into the unknown. To make new friends, to rekindle past relationships, to extend a hand, to assist others, and often, in turn to help ourselves.

We get to take the changes, to embrace change.


Pursue change. Big or small. Try new things.

Try a new flavor of coffee, try a new workout, try a walk down a new path.

Take the chance to adventure up a mountain or across the sea.

To experience all the world has to offer. People, places, things. Embrace them.

To learn. To grow. To evolve. To change.

There are abundant opportunities to dream of, and to embrace change.

Choices, Chances, Change. 

We grow through choices, chances and change. Some choices, chances and change are small. Other choices, chances and change will rock your world to its soul. There are positive choices, chances and change. There are the not go great (and yet still oh so valuable) choices, chance and change. They come in all shapes, sizes, and stature. They can have satisfying and exciting outcomes. They can also have depressing and stressful outcomes. Yet I have found, regardless of the outcome achieved, there is always always always something to learn, to experience, and to grow from.

Choices, Chances, Change.

These are the things life is made of.




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