2 weeks to go…

I managed to get a couple of bike rides in at the end of the week last week. I rode on both Friday and Saturday am. Friday I rode around Bacon Hill area, about 16 miles, Saturday I rode in the battlefield with Amanda (10.5 miles). Both were good.

On Sunday, I was exhausted, so I decided to take the day off.

Back at it later today. 2 weeks from now, my training will be over. Kinda sad, but I’m hoping all goes well, and that I will continue my routine going forward. Although, if I like this race, I may have to think about doing the Skinnyman Triathlon (if there are openings) in Skaneateles… it’s an 800 m swim, 14 mile bike and a 3 mile run. So shorter than my current race, and its around labor day, so I would have another month to continue training through for that one. But I guess I should probably complete my first tri before I can decide if I should do a second…


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