An Intentional Act.

It’s been very quiet on this space since Raleigh.

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t.

Either way, I’ve been quiet. I’ve been trying to sort through my thoughts around the race I had in North Carolina. To assess what went well and what did not. I’ve been trying to recover and ramp up my training again. I’ve been swimming, biking, running. And I’ve also had a small injury which I have dealt with and that I hope is mostly behind me now.

I’ve been slapped upside the face with the reality that Ironman is barreling down the pipe and will be here before I know it.

I’ve realized HOW HARD this endeavor truly is. There is no escaping it, Ironman is a difficult race, no matter how much training you put in. You have to earn each stroke of the 2.4 mile swim, each peddle of the 112 mile bike and each step of that 26.2 mile run. And even if you put in all the training and work behind each event that you possibly can (while balancing your normal/non ironman life), you still have the nutrition and hydration factor to balance – oh so carefully – during the course of the training and the actual race day. As it turns out,140.6 miles doesn’t come easy. 140.6 miles is a very intentional act.

Here I sit 34 days from the event, the nerves are setting in. I sprained my wrist so swimming has been not so great the past 2 weeks. On top of the wrist, I’ve biked the course in Lake Placid the past two weekends and finally come to terms that my bike seat just isn’t working for me. Leaving me essentially 2 weeks to figure that situation out. Oh, and it’s become clear that I need more practice on hills. Much more practice. Ugh. Finally, the running. Oh the running. We’ve been careful with my running since I was injured last fall with my calf muscle bringing my racing season to a screeching halt. As of 2 weeks ago, I had not run more than 13 miles but have increased up to 14 and 15 these past two weeks. Hopefully I will get at least one 17 or 18 mile run in before race day.

Ok, well now I have that out of my system and into the universe. The world can take my worries and let them disperse. I know that there is not a whole lot left I can do training wise at this point to propel me across that finish line. At this point it’s more about listening to my body, focusing on nutrition and working on my mental strength to get me through. 

July 26th is going to be one for the books. No matter what happens. All I know, is that I have not come this far to not give it my all. 

140.6 miles is an intentional act.

So, what have I been up to these past 3 weeks?

Weekly workouts//

Week of June 1: Recovery Week, post Raleigh 

  • Monday – 20 min Recovery Swim (hotel pool, Kansas City)
  • Tuesday – 30 min Recovery Swim (hotel pool, Kansas City)
  • Wednesday – 40 min Recovery Bike (hotel gym, Chicago)
  • Thursday – 30 min Run (hotel gym, Chicago)
  • Friday – 2200 yd recovery swim
  • Saturday – 2 hour bike
  • Sunday – 1 hour run

Week of June 8: Lake Placid Training Camp Fri-Sun

  • Monday – 3600 swim ladder (attempted with injury, not great…)
  • Tuesday – rest day
  • Wednesday – brick: 90 min bike, 30 min run
  • Thursday – 45 minute Base Run 
  • Friday – (#1) swim 2.5 miles in Mirror Lake, (#2) 32 mile bike – including biking up Whiteface Mountain Road… 
  • Saturday – (#1) Bike 110 miles (I skipped the out and back, ran into a few issues on lap 2…) and (#2) run 3 miles (was dehydrated at had to cut my run short 
  • Sunday – (#1) Bike 56 miles and (#2) run 14.5 miles

…. Yes, we bikes 200 miles on the LP bike course over 3 days. And yes, this course is no joke. One loop is such a different story than 2 consecutive loops. Hello hills. 

Week of June 15:

  • Monday – Rest day
  • Tuesday – Sports massage for recovery 
  • Wednesday – Swim 4200 yards
  • Thursday – 50 min Tempo Run
  • Friday – plan to swim 3200, got out after 1300 – couldn’t hold anything remotely close to my normal pace, so I listened to my body and stopped… 
  • Saturday – back to LP, biked 115 miles and ran 4.5
  • Sunday – ran 15.5 miles in the heat & humidity… Not my favorite run of recent memory. 

Total miles? A lot. Since I’m actually typing this post from my phone, I’m feeling too lazy to put together the math right now. 🙂

I’m definitely into the “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” part of Ironman training. 

Only a couple weeks left, and I’m determined to stay positive and optimistic about this. (And for my friends and family’s sake, I’ll try to keep the complaints to a minimum. I am still aware that I chose to do this of my own free will AND that I actually paid to enter this event.)

Now, for the fun part, the photo recap (or what I actually stopped to take a moment to capture…) 

Kid President is the best. 

My newest addition while biking. Bonk Breaker Salted Caramel. Yum! IMG_1505
Yes! Next winter’s running adventure with my Mom and sister!!


So much wisdom. Life truly is too short and if I’ve realized nothing else during the pat year it’s that I spent too much time with people too concerned with how they are viewed by others. 


Volunteering at the Hudson Crossing Triathlon.


Oh yea, I turned another year older 🙂 loved this from my friend Kim! IMG_1513

Sprained wrist = 3 to 6 weeks with this training partner. (I give this about 2 weeks, then hopefully we’re moving on.) 

Getting ready to celebrate a new baby! 🙂 

Our Friday bike of Lake Placid training weekend… Check out that climb up whiteface. Glad we only went up about 3 miles of the 12 mile road!! 

 Bike course elevation for LP. A bit overwhelming… And leaving me wishing I had found more hills to train on… 

5:30 am. My favorite time of day. So peaceful, fresh & new.

Betty Designs secret swap! Looks like my Betty had help decorating the box! 

And apparently chocolate doesn’t like traveling across the country. 

But these spoons were so cute!! 

Biking in LP… At the out & back in Ausable. Probably my least favorite part of the course… 

Still fine tuning my hydration set up. Taking in the right amount of fluid is turning out to be one of the hardest things for me to balance. So frustrating. 

Heading back into Wilmington – last true decent on the course before the 13+ miles of climbing into Lake Placid. 

In retrospect, I probably could have picked a flatter Ironman course to tackle, but there will be no question that I earned my medal once I cross that line on July 26th. 

This will be the most concentrated effort that I’ve ever had to put forth to achieve something in my life. This journey has taught me a lot and I believe has so much more to teach me before I cross that finish line. 

Thank you to everyone that has supported me and continues to support me along this road that I’m taking. It truly takes a village to achieve something like this and I couldn’t do it without each and everyone of my friends and family cheering me on. 

140.6 miles. It’s an intentional act. 


3 thoughts on “An Intentional Act.

  1. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    Sounds like you are getting there!! Keep doing what you are doing. It will all be worth it on July 26th!! You are so lucky to be using the course to train on. You will be that much more prepared race day!!
    That is so sad that those pb cups were melty! 😦
    Keep up the great work! Work on your nutrition and mental strength!!! Those are important pieces of an Ironman race (and training)!!


    1. Amie says:

      Thanks Leslie!! It was very sad about the PB cups… I am definitely working on that nutrition and mental strength – I think that’s the hardest part!! 🙂


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