Austin, TX

Better late than never! This post has been hanging in my drafts for two weeks just waiting to be posted… whoops! (Just pretend you’re reading this a week ago…)

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to meet up with some of the most amazing women I know – my girls from Purdue! We had a mini reunion last year at OBX and decided that we needed to do it every year! Love these girls so much, it’s so nice to take a break from the chaos of life and catch up!! This year we decided to head to Austin, TX for our reunion weekend to enjoy a new city that we had not experienced before, to relax, shop, and catch up on life! I’m going to let the pictures tell the story of our weekend adventures below, but first… what would a post be without an update on my workouts?!

Weekly Workouts//

  • Monday – 3000 yd swim
  • Tuesday – 90 minute Z2 Ride… met up with KA to ride, turned into almost 2 hours – and was pretty hilly, definitely a bit more than a Z2 effort – whoops! – 30 miles
  • Wednesday –  100 minute Z 3/4/5 Ride – cut short by 10 minutes since I rode long yesterday – 26 miles.
  • Thursday – 3000 yd Endurance Swim
  • Friday – Rest/Travel Day
  • Saturday – Was supposed to run 60 minutes… ended up bumping all my workouts by 1 day since I had a rest day for travel coming next Tuesday as well… walked around Austin with the girls & enjoyed the day off!!
  • Sunday – Ran 60 minutes with KC in Austin –  after some failed attempts, finally found a beautiful trail – Shoal Creek – to run along!

Total Time: 6 hours, 10 minutes

  • Swim: 6000 yards/1 hour 40 minutes
  • Bike: 54 miles/3 hours 30 minutes
  • Run: 6 miles/1 hour

Photo Recap//

Before I get to the Austin part of the program… some photos from the week before the trip!

Finally celebrating Christmas with my sister! Paint N Sip Experience in Saratoga!

Well, I guess they’re comfortable?

This has been circulating around the internet this week… got to say, I love it!

Always on the lookout. Always.

Had lots of fun with a flat tire Tuesday night… also discovered my CO2 canister nozzle was broken. Thank god I was biking with KA and she had a backup!Day 1 of Austin, we headed to 6th street for the Pecan Street festival!

Our house for the weekend… was definitely memorable! Love the fact that we end up in these quirky places! So much better than a nondescript hotel or polished non-memorable cookie cutter home. 🙂 I should of taken more pictures because what I have really does not capture the true essence of the place!

A visit to Austin is not complete without a visit to a food trailer… there were lots to choose from!  Drinks on Rainey Street – such a cool environment. They’ve converted all the houses on the street to bars!

Shoal Creek. Awesome place to run (once we managed to find it)!

My book for the weekend. Loved it. it was a quick read and I thought she had some good points on life.

Boots, boots, boots!! Couldn’t possibly go to TX without checking out new boots…

SO many to choose from…

Some boots are easier to take off than others… 🙂


Another item on the list, see the Bat colony. We waited for over an hour to see the 750,000 bats take flight at dusk… unfortunately the Bats decided to wait until after dark on this particular evening. Kind of a bust, but we saw an awesome sunset & had fun just talking and hanging out on the bridge!

(P.S. – none of us are very good with the whole selfie thing… I think this was take #45 of 100.. ha.)

On the to-do list, visit Gourdough’s to experience the donuts. And what an experience it was… from the guy calling out orders to the selection of toppings to the heart-attack in a little paper bowl, it was quite the experience. Fantastically delicious too… overindulgence for sure.

I present, the Carney… yes, that’s a donut.

And the flying pig… maple frosting and bacon (!) on a donut.


      Such a great week and an even better weekend with the girls!!


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