Worrier or Warrior?

Are you a worrier or a warrior? Do you go out and embrace life, it’s messiness, chaos, the good, the bad, the ugly and the great? Or do you recoil and run the other way, trying to avoid the bumps and look for the smoothest sea and the straightest, best paved path? The difference between the two worlds comes down to just two little letters, but makes a world of difference in how you react and deal to the cards that you are dealt in life.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 6.26.46 PM

Luckily, by and large, I have the warrior gene – the more stress, the more stuff going on, the more focused I become. Although, I do admit this can also be a bit of an achilles heel for me as well… sometimes I need to be reminded to stop and smell the roses, to take it all in, to relax. Unfortunately, I feel that my opportunities for R&R are going to be space until after July 26th…

Speaking of busy… this past month was one of a bit of craziness for me – the bouncing back and forth between Saratoga and Syracuse continues, the training for IM Raleigh and Lake Placid continues, oh and I took a little trip to AFRICA! So in short, there is a lot of reasons why I have been MIA in this space, and there is a lot to try and catch up on. Today, I’m going to focus on the training. I’ll be catching up on Africa soon(ish) and I go through debriefing on my trip and work on assembling some video and photo footage from my 2 weeks there.

Training Updates//

  • Swimming – I’ve been posting PRs all over the place – had the swim of my life right before I went on my trip with a response from my coach of “hang that workout up on the fridge” (awesome!). I had zero pool time while in Africa (well except for one night… but no laps!) so it was expected that I’d come back a bit slower. From my two workouts this past week, my times are right where I left them, so full steam ahead! Whoop!
  • Biking – I was able to sneak in 1 session while in Africa on the bike for a whole 30 minutes. Otherwise the workouts were non existent. Needless to say, getting back in the saddle last weekend and this weekend was an experience, but the legs are getting back into it!
  • Running – my current nemesis. My paces have been SLOW this year compared to where I was at last year. Having the injury last Fall has really taken its toll on my running. Not to mention that I re-aggravated the injury during my 90 minute run the weekend before I left (which I was in denial about when I last provided an update…). So I was intentionally resting while in Africa with no running planned. It has seemed to do the trick as my calves are feeling a little better – however I’ve once again lost any progress I had made on my pace. So the half marathon in four weeks is probably going to be a slow one… I just have to remind myself that I’m in this thing for the long haul – no matter how frustrating each individual run is. Not to mention that I’m ready to divorce my treadmill – I’m so over this deep-freeze winter from a running standpoint.
  • Strength Sessions – The one area that I could easily continue with while in Africa – thanks to some resistance bands and body weight workouts I was able to do some workouts in the hotels in the early mornings before we were out and about.

Random Photos of Occurrences and Things//

Got to hang with the Linc-man this week. I’m pretty sure he was pissed I didn’t bring Roxie.


Old man winter at his finest in CNY. I know I’ve only been back a week, but I’m already over the deep-freeze. PLEASE just give us 30 degrees!!


A box-o-fun was waiting for me when I got back from Africa! Ragnar time is here again!


Found this frame last weekend. Found a guy that would cut glass/mirror this weekend. Result? One amazing mirror for my house!  So stoked!


Gulp. Time to get the nose to the grindstone! Some big races on deck and the countdown is on!


Exploring/Snowshoeing with Bronco.


He gave up by the end. The snow is too much even for this guy!


Hanging with this little dude. J-man’s original birthday was this week, but we’ve been lucky to hang out for 8 whole weeks already!


Welp – I know that was brief, but Africa took up the majority of my past few weeks. I’ll be posting some pictures and reflections soon!

Until then, hope you’re all surviving this winter in any way you can manage!



P.S. As I was writing this post…

(PUMPED!) #badassisbeautiful



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