End of the Off-Season.

It’s official, the “off” season has ended and the “on” season is here! While I had hoped that I would have been working out these past two weeks to prep, I sadly was under the weather and on my couch with one of the worst colds that I’ve had in quite some time, courtesy of my two little cousins… remind me to take vitamins and airborne before hanging out with 3 and 5 year olds during the flu season!!

However, despite being sick, I was actually able to get a few things done for the holidays – like Christmas cards and online Christmas shopping!

Anyhoo, enough about being sick. I’m not sure I have a lot of wisdom or a story to really focus on for this post, so I’m going to just let the pictures do my talking for me. We’re in the height of the holiday season and I have so much left to do… baking, shopping, wrapping, etc! All while trying to fit in lots of time with friends and family, train and work. But it’s all good. I’m not feeling stressed and I’m sure everything will occur just as it should – plus I’m having the time of my life right now. Feeling so blessed.

Hope you take some time to stop during this holiday season and just soak it all in. However crazy your life may or may not be – if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years – it’s all about balance.


I’m not going to bother spelling things out here, it’s too pitiful. I did try a 3 mile run early on during being sick which I really should not have done… my HR was sky high and the next day I ended up getting sicker than before. Finally this past weekend I was able to get a 30 minute cardio strength session in and an hour on the trainer. Other than that, it was all just cold medicine, tissues and sleeping!!

Photo Recap//

Christmas cards!! I love the Rudolph stamps this year, so cute!

IMG_0251.JPGMy sweet wrap around address labels!

IMG_0252.JPGChristmas Tree 2014. As always, I love decorating the tree every year and taking a walk down memory lane courtesy of all the awesome ornaments my family and friends have gotten for me over the years.

IMG_0258.JPGThis photo popped up on my instagram the other day, just love this! Fits in well with my life and outlook.

IMG_0259.PNGI love participating in our Christmas Tree of lights at work every year – I have so much fun picking out an outfit and toy for someone that would otherwise not have a Christmas.

IMG_0241.JPGCelebrate with style.

IMG_0250.JPGOne really exciting and also a bit sad thing that happened a couple weeks ago – I said goodbye to my old house! I’m back down to 1 mortgage (whoo hoo!) and moving forward with everything. While it was a little sad thinking about everything that happened in my life and in this house over the past 7 years, I definitely was ready for the change of moving and being back home closer to family! Oh, and moving out of the city and into the country. I’m certainly a country girl at heart, and it’s made me so happy to be a little further away from neighbors!

IMG_0242.JPGAll the parking spaces were full when I flew to KC on Monday… so this is what I got came home to on Thursday. Good times.


Woke up Friday morning to discover I was living in a winter wonderland!

IMG_0272.JPGIMG_0273.JPGFriday brought a day to work from the home office after being in Kansas City all week… and it also brought a loyal helper to supervise my every move while I worked. Bronco cracks me up.

IMG_0274.JPGFriday evening was my Christmas party for work. It also brought choices in what to wear… apparently I have the LBD covered.

IMG_0271.JPGFreshly fallen snow, white Christmas lights, peaceful & beautiful! I just love this time of year!

Saturday afternoon walk with the pups, and beautiful scenery!

IMG_0278.JPGOpened up my Training Peaks app on Saturday and what did my eyes see? A loaded up training schedule to start ramping into Ironman training! This makes me happy. I’m so glad that I had a solid break this fall but I am so ready to get back at it!

IMG_0275.PNGI just love Christmas cards – starting to get some holiday love!


Sunday-funday art the Davidson Brothers new brewery in Glens Falls!

IMG_0282.JPGAnd victory! Brought home a new growler filled with deliciousness.

IMG_0285.JPGRoxie’s Christmas toy. Any guesses on how long this little guy survived?

IMG_0279.JPGWell, that’s all, I hope you’re all having a fabulous holiday season and spending lots of time with friends and family. Enjoy!



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