Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

CaptureHow do you measure a year in the life?

In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee
In inches, in miles. in laughter, in strife.

In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.

Seasons of Love, RENT


Looking back on the past year, I just cannot believe how much has changed. How much has come and gone from my life. All the new experiences, adventures, people and places.

With Thanksgiving being last week, I was very busy working on prepping my house that I’ve owned for all of 3 whole weeks, buying food, and figuring out how to cook a full Thanksgiving meal for my family in between traveling to Syracuse for work, finalizing my prior house for sale, hanging out with friends and sneaking a few workouts in.

To say the very least, the past two weeks were quite the whirlwind of events (per usual, welcome to my world). However, despite the fact I was super busy, I also felt very relaxed, happy and definitely extremely blessed.

I know that most people typically wait until the New Year to review the prior year and look forward to the next, but Thanksgiving just seems like the appropriate time for me to take a step back and really look at everything. I cannot believe what a difference a year can make. There have been so many changes in my life. Last year I was struggling with a relationship that ended, I was struggling with whether or not I would race a second 70.3, and was questioning a lot of things in my life. This year I have moved to a new city, a new home, I have completed my second 70.3 and signed up for my third AND for my first full 140.6 Ironman event. I have made new friends, joined a new triathlon team with T2 Multisport, experienced new things (hello CX!), somehow secured a spot on Team Betty 2015 (still so pumped!) and worked to embrace life to its fullest taking the bad along with the good.

Despite feeling a bit lost this time last year, I did know and hold on to one fact – I had an amazing childhood and an amazing family that continues to love and support me. They have proven that they will support me even when I do crazy things – you know, like sign up for an Ironman event, or make the decision to move to be closer to home despite holding a job in a city 2.5 hours away – I know that I am truly blessed to have this support.

And I also found that I had a few truly amazing and steadfast friends that helped me immensely this past year – through cups of coffee (or pints of beer), workouts, conversations, and even a little assistance packing up a moving truck – you guys have been amazing and I can’t thank you enough.

I don’t know what this next year will bring, but I do know that I am excited for every experience – both good and bad – that will come with the next five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.


Weekly Workouts//

 Week 1:

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Work conference in Indianapolis/embracing the “off” season…

Thursday – 20 Min Bike, 3 Mile Run

Friday – 30 min Strength Session

Saturday – Swim Ladder 1800 yd

Sunday – 3 Mile Run

 Week 2:

Monday – Rest Day/Buy Local Bash & Travel

Tuesday – 30 min Strength Training

Wednesday – 45 Min OUTDOOR Bike

Thursday – 1 Hour Trainer Ride

Friday – Sick Day

Saturday – Run 3 miles

Sunday – Sick Day… should have just taken it easy on Saturday!


Weekly Photo Recap//

Our company tied in a community service project with a few other companies and the Indianapolis COLTS with the Thanksgiving season. Had the opportunity to participate in the Million Meal Marathon in Indianapolis!


Airplane time = thinking time.


So I’ve owned the new house for 2 weeks and a couple of trees fell down on my deck… this is what I came home to.

IMG_0156.JPGIMG_0153.JPGWe WILL be replacing the blinds… good ole Bronco.


Date Night! (Can’t believe there was agreement to this…) IMG_0159.JPGWith a little help… the fallen trees are now next year’s bonfire/campfire wood! 🙂

IMG_0162Officially Official! Loved seeing the announcement and the start of our discussion forum – so many amazing stories of amazing women! Not sure how I was selected but so excited to be a part of #teambetty15! betty_manifesto_outlinesA little reminder from a fellow Betty: IMG_0192

Buy local bash at the Landmark. Crappy picture of a gorgeous building. If you have never been inside the Landmark Theater in Syracuse, you must go

IMG_0170Clarks Ale House is open and I’m back in Syracuse. Obviously this had to happen:

IMG_0172Got to hang with this dude in Syracuse this week.

IMG_0190Yes, it happened. Can’t wait until next year’s CX season!

IMG_0168Just 3 hours after my outdoor bike ride… winter wonderland has fallen on us!

IMG_0195Mini pumpkin pies for all!


About mid-point on cooking the Thanksgiving Feast!IMG_0205Had to get a little creative with the oven space…

IMG_0202Whoo-hoo! First ever full thanksgiving meal that I have prepped! AND we managed to fit all of us around my kitchen island/dining room table mish-mash.

IMG_0216Bronco is thankful for puffy vests that fall on the floor!

IMG_0217Yep, claimed this one.

IMG_0211Family photo time!

IMG_0215Outside lights are up!

IMG_0223.JPGI have a lot of railings…

IMG_0225.JPGRemember the GIANT knitting needles that I shared in my last post? We’ll here is the finished project! A blanket in about 3 hours time!


Absolutely LOVE how it came out – and it was a fun and fast project! IMG_0234.JPG

More good news! I qualified again this year – sadly, I once again will be unable to participate since it is the weekend AFTER Ironman Lake Placid. Maybe next year…


Last (but certainly not least) Miss Roxie relaxing. Not sure how this position is comfortable, but she seems to be happy with it.


Cheers! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!



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