Time is not on my side.

It appears that I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands. (a.k.a. When life doesn’t go as planned… ) 

Time… is (not) on my side… 

In my last post, I was talking about how running is hard – and how I was struggling adding miles to my long runs. I guess this may be a lesson in being careful what you say… Last Wednesday I set out to do a speed workout and as I finished up my warm up, only 1 mile into my run my calf completely seized/locked up. Not wanting to do lasting damage I walked for about 1/2 mile, and arrived at my local track to see if I could finish up my workout on a more forgiving surface. A few hundred feet later it was clear that my workout was over before it really had even started. Whomp whomp… 

Thursday I had a power workout on my bike, my calf was feeling a bit better, so I decided to go for it. While not extremely painful, it was not completely pain free either. Due to this, I cut my workout short and ended after an hour. After talking with my coach, we decided it was time for me to see a specialist as I’ve had minor calf issues all season. 

Enter the pain chamber. 

By Friday afternoon I was in to see the doctor that sponsors our team, and to get some work done. I had the pleasure of experiencing the pain of Graston (scraping) first hand. Holy crap. The short version of the story, no workout on Friday post this session. I managed an easy bike on Saturday, with the hopes of running Sunday. The plan for Sunday was a long run, and I headed to the trails to try and find a softer surface for my aching legs. I walked for my warm-up in hopes I could ease into the long run (planned 18+ miles) and again, half a mile in, it was clear things were not going well. Half a mile later, I realized the run just was not going to happen. 

Monday brought session #2 with the doctor and an entire new level of pain that I have never experienced. To provide the full disclosure on this, the session was all of 10-15 minutes, I jumped in the car and immediately realized that I was going to be sick and/or faint. I spent the next 15 minutes pulled off to the side of Brighton Ave (luckily on the nicer part of the street). Fun times living in a city without family around to help bring you to the doctors. Also, fun way to start my day and week… 

After this session, which the doctor told me was much more aggressive than normal (because we’re trying to see if I can still race this weekend in Lake George) I was so sore. Thankfully my coworker gave me some pain killers to help me get through the day, since I signed up to volunteer at the State Fair and had to spend most of the day on my feet. 

Now, I have another session with the doctor on Tuesday and I am still hoping for a miracle – that all this pain will be worth it and I’ll still be able to race this weekend.

Fingers Crossed. But realistically, I’m highly skeptical that I will be able to. And if I do, it’s probably going to mean no marathon on September 28th… now I’m wishing I had a few more weeks for some R&R so I could still do all these events and not watch my entry fees just go down the drain. Hence, time is not on my side… 

Anyhow, time for the weekly wrap up. 

Weekly Workouts//  

Was looking forward to getting back at it after being sick for the prior few weeks, but due to injury I only had 3 days of workouts before being sidelined again. Ugh! 

  • Monday – Rest Day.
  • Tuesday – 2100 yard swim with speed – it’s been a while, and my times showed it! 
  • Wednesday – 5×1 Mile Repeats – Injury stops me after a little over a mile… 
  • Thursday – Bike – 3/4/5 Power Intervals – 90 minute workout paired back to 60 minutes… 
  • Friday – 50 Minute Base Run  Rest Day – Cancelled Workout
  • Saturday – 2:30 Brick with Speed work – Changed to 2:30 Easy Bike
  • Sunday – Endurance Run – 18 Miles – No go, Injury leads to a lot of walking and only a mile of running… 

Weekly Totals//

  • Total Time – 4 Hours, 30 minutes of the scheduled 9 hours and 40 minutes. Not exactly what I had in mind. 

Weekly Photo Recap// (aka random phone photo dump)

The pups soaking up the sun. Taking it all in because Fall will be here oh so soon. 



ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – We had a group at work take on the challenge and dedicate it to a past coworker who passed from this terrible disease. 


Yum!  Love to cook… 



AMEN. We all need more high fives! IMG_9504.JPG

So my friend got a new puppy. How adorable is he?! We decided a puppy play date was needed ASAP! 


Roxie discovered a toy with squeaker still in tact – she quickly fixed the situation at hand. 



Some for fun reading. Left me feeling like I need to read it again. 


Rox is still working on her hiding skills. 



New trail runners!  LOVE getting new sneakers – especially really comfy ones! 



And a few days later… puppy play date! 







How cute are these guys?! Although, oddly enough, they really didn’t understand the whole play date thing. Rox was sad that our guests just wanted to play with the toys and not with her! 





Attempts to run on Sunday… while discouraged with my body – at least it was a nice day for a walk…? 


Sunday Funday – Dogs day out.

Part 1 – Chillin in the park. 



Part 2 – New Toys! 


The sign of a good weekend – both dogs passed out by 6 pm… and yes, Rox stole Bronco’s bed.



What did you do this weekend? 

Do anything fun?! 


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