Running is hard.

Running is hard.

I always forget how difficult building mileage can be until I am working on building up miles again. I’ve decided that I must block out much of the struggle and difficulty it takes to reach each milestone after each milestone is actually reached. Well, as I typed that I might want to retract it. The first time I trained for and ran a half marathon, I hated it. And I remembered it.Then, a couple years later, as I ramped up to run a half marathon alongside biking 56 miles and swimming 1.2 for my first 70.3, I actually didn’t hate running 13.1 as much, but I would say the long runs were still not my favorite. Then something happened this year, while training for my second 70.3, I started to LOVE my long runs, especially the 12, 13 and 14 milers. And it was awesome!

So, with the love of my 12 to 14 mile runs in my mind, I decided to sign up for a marathon. I then had the pleasure of allowing myself to simply forget about the fact that I had signed up for said marathon until after the 70.3 in late June. But I did continue to enjoy running – the long runs, the short runs, the speed workouts, and the base workouts… And then it started. Starting mid-July the long runs started getting longer, and that final mile or two of each run has gotten a little more and more difficult. 

Oh, hi running. I forgot about all the fun that comes along with the next mile. While the satisfaction of each long run finished is an amazing feeling, those miles of 15, 16, 17 have been a little more painful than the first 13 to 14 miles… and I’ve started to recognize the need for things like ice baths and other recovery mechanisms. Seriously, I have been questioning my own sanity, especially on the mornings that I am staring down a 2.5+ hour run. Then I remember that training for the ADK marathon is just the tip of the iceberg since I am going to be tackling Ironman Lake Placid next year.

Welcome to running. Just when you think you have it down, it reminds you that there is a reason that many don’t run. Why? Because it’s hard. There is no denying it, no hiding it. Or I guess you could hide it and pretend that all your runs are easy and amazing, but seriously, whoever claims that is lying. I don’t care who you are. 

Hopefully having this marathon under my belt will make the training this winter and spring all the easier. Also, I keep reminding myself that I am running difficult (hilly) courses for the training since I’ve managed to select a very difficult course (some have told me one of the more difficult marathons in the Northeast) for my first marathon. Again, not sure what I was thinking… ok I do know, I was thinking it would be beautiful (ADK mountains, peak leaf season) and that the medal looked cool (Yes, I picked based on the medal – there is always a first for everything).  

The one thing I’ve had to realize is that a sub-4 hour marathon, which I should absolutely be able to achieve on a flatter course, likely will not be in the cards at this event. At this point, I’ll be happy to just build up my mileage without injury. Adding in the speed, plus the miles, plus the hills likely won’t come together by September 28th. So I guess a sub-4 hour marathon will just have to be on the bucket list for the future if I ever decide that I have the need to run another marathon after this one, and after IMLP. After all, the things that I hate about running are also the reasons that I love running.

Running is hard. And that’s why I love it.

There are good days and bad, easier runs and more difficult runs. 

And there is a challenge for everyone.

There is always a different distance to try, a faster pace to achieve, or a new challenge to tackle.

And you have to work to achieve each milestone. No matter who you are. 

Running is hard. 


Weekly Workouts//  

Well, this marked another week of very limited workouts. Finally finally finally felt better this weekend – hoping I have this cold behind me! 

  • Monday – 30 Minute Run – Testing the waters to see how I felt… 
  • Tuesday –Recovery Ride – Rest Day – Cancelled Workout
  • Wednesday – 1 Hour 15 Minute Bike 30/30s – Rest Day – Cancelled Workout
  • Thursday – 50 Minute Run – 6 Miles
  • Friday – 1800 yd Swim Rest Day – Cancelled Workout
  • Saturday – Brick – Lake George Tri Course – 1 Hr, 25 Bike (25 Miles) & 32 Minute Run (4 Miles)
  • Sunday – Endurance Run – 17 Miles – 2 Hours, 40 Minutes 

Weekly Totals//

  • Swim – None
  • Bike – 24.5 Miles, 1 Hour, 25 Minutes
  • Run –  27 Miles, 4 Hours, 40 minutes
  • Total Time – 6 Hours, 5 minutes

Weekly Photo Recap//

Went to KC for some training this week and saw an old brochure from an event… I swear this is Rox! 


Love wrapping gifts! (And giving them!)


Time on the couch due to sickness = new project complete! A little hard to tell, but finally used my ribbon yarn to make an infinity scarf!IMG_9460.JPG

New Passport! Getting ready for my trip to Africa this winter! IMG_9495-0.JPG

Family baby shower – my Aunt did a crazy good job on this fruit basket! 


What I woke up to on Saturday morning. Apparently someone was ready for me to get up! IMG_9471.JPG

Serious number of steps in the directions on this course! 


Beautiful morning in Lake George!


Friends made along the way… these two have been watching me run since April, finally came up to the fence to say hi! 


View after my 17 mile run. Love this. 



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