Taper Week Wrap-up.

I’m going to start this post by reminding you all that it’s taper week.

This means more time for non-active endeavors due to fewer and shorter workouts.

This means more time to relax, more time to think. (As if I hadn’t already had enough time during the numerous hours in the pool, on the bike, the treadmill, the trails, and the road.)

It means time to reflect on the ups and downs of the past year. Of all the changes that took place since completing the 70.3 last year.

It means feeling grateful and overwhelmed by the journey you’ve traveled during the training.

It means feeling  overjoyed to have people in your life that have supported you, helped you through the tough times, and kept you going when life felt so hectic with travel, work, chores, and training.

It means joy for new friendships forged, and feeling forever indebted to those who provided steady reliable relationships that celebrated each small victory and helped navigate the downfalls too. Its the little things and the unexpected that enhances the process and the experience.

It’s perspective over the fact that this is just one moment of life, one day which can turn out any number of ways. Broken bike, heat waves, and swim anxiety be damned – I’ll have fun no matter what, I think I proved that last year.

An endurance event is more about the journey, what you learn in the hours, days and months of training, how you react to the unexpected, and what you take away from the entire process that matters.

It’s more than just a race, or a sport, it’s a way of living. A way of looking forward, of meeting challenges face on, of preparing and overcoming. A way of becoming stronger than you were before. Physically and mentally.

This year, training has been a much more positive experience (despite the hiccup in early May). I had unwaivering support from those who love me flow in from every direction, nobody telling me I was crazy, making fun of my goal or questioning me for choosing to pursue this lifestyle. I’m convinced that whether it’s training for an event, or just tackling life in general, 50% of life is about attitude, your outlook and desire. The other 50% is who you surround yourself with. Because, let’s be serious – training and life can be hard. You need good people to be there for you and to help you through. .

As badly as I want to list everyone that has helped me, in big ways and small, I’m not even going to go down that road out of fear that I might inadvertently miss someone. However, I would be remiss if I did not try to express my gratitude to all of those who have been a positive influence in my life not only during this training cycle, but over the past 12 months, and even further back.

My writing can not even scratch the surface of the thanks that need to be expressed, but I thought it would be better to share a sliver of my gratitude than to miss the opportunity.

To my coach and the T2 family, it’s been a great training with you all, having a team to be a part of. I have enjoyed getting to know some of you over the past few months and look forward to future events together!

To my Syracuse friends (both those still living in Syracuse, and those who have moved) that have consistently been there for me during the past year, I don’t believe I can ever hope to repay you. You picked me up when I was down, and helped in ways that you likely don’t even realize.

To my family back home, I don’t know where to start. You hear the brunt of my griping about my training as well as my every small victory. You’ve really been there for me over the past few years, through each challenge that I’ve taken on, to celebrate my victories, to brush the mud off when I’ve stumbled face first into life, and to cheer me on again as I pick up and forge ahead again.

I know that a few simple sentences cannot truly express my full gratitude, but please know, I truly am grateful to you all.

Now, for a recap of the taper week…

Weekly Workouts//

  • Monday – Rest Day
  • Tuesday – 2100 yard swim – Easy
  • Wednesday – Brick – Open Water Swim, 45 minute Bike
  • Thursday – 30 minute Run with pick ups
  • Friday – 50 minute Brick – 15 OWS, 20 Bike, 15 Run
  • Saturday – Race Registration & Bike Check in
  • Sunday (Tomorrow) – Syracuse Ironman 70.3!

Weekly Photo Recap//

Roxie loves her new monster!


Training at Jamesville Wednesday night… suddenly the fact race day is almost here is real!


My reading assignment. Time to bust in!


Handwritten notes are the best.



Race day nears. Love my number!


Athlete orientation.


We got this. Run, walk or crawl!


Finalizing my latest ROAK gift!


Bike checked in. Ready to roll!!



How has your week been so far?

Up to anything fun this weekend? It’s been beautiful here in CNY – a little disappointed that I had to lay low today and didn’t get to enjoy the weather!

Only a few short hours until it’s go time!



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