Dear Life, “Uncle”.

That’s right. I’m calling Uncle. Life has thrown me a lot of crap in the past two weeks & I’ve been looking for a break ever since.

Typically, on this blog, I try to focus on the positives. I try to not give the negative aspects and occurrences in my life space or time here. Maybe it makes my life seem like it’s always awesome and amazing (don’t get me wrong, life is good, but not always perfect). Maybe that makes it seem like I’m not being totally real on this blog (so be it, I favor optimism over pessimism). However, if I used this space to just complain all the time, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have anybody wanting to read my ramblings… I’m already shocked that people do!

Anyways, back on topic, life is not always completely awesome or amazing. Which I appreciate, because I believe the not so great stuff allows you to enjoy the good stuff even more. However, a bunch of stuff collided these past two weeks which had me down and out for the count for a few days. So here’s your last warning – the next portion is a full on complain/rant of things going on. If you want to avoid the complaint section, I’d just skip to the weekly workouts or photos… 🙂

First, you’ll know from my prior post that I was ready to throw the towel in on my long course events. I was really struggling for about a week and a half with why I was continuing to pursue these goals of redemption at the Syracuse Ironman 70.3 and tackling the 100 mile bike ride. I turned that around by the end of the weekend, and I’m forging ahead again. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you only think about the end game, and not the process leading up to it.

Must. Stay. Focused. On. The. Journey.

Second, I discovered that my friend E will no longer be able to participate in the Tour de Cure with me on June 1. That 100 miles was already starting to feel daunting, now it’s going to be all the more trying to conquer that thing without a buddy! ESPECIALLY after I finally reviewed the bike course and found out it has some serious elevation to it. (Thank you ADKs… however, this is definitely my own fault for not checking it out prior to signing up!)

Tour De Cure MapTourdeCureElevationThird, I found out my friend R has a running injury, so she might not be able to run the LP Half Marathon with me. She’s still waiting on the final ruling, so cross your fingers this one doesn’t come true.

Fourth, I had testing done for some food issues that I’ve run into. I seem to not be able to eat anything white that is carby or starchy. My doctor ordered a bunch of tests to be done which included fasting for a day (not so easy while in a peak week for workouts) which came back as inconclusive. So no answer yet as my intolerance for pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, pancakes and other delicious carby items continues to grow more severe right as I am trying to ramp up and finish out my 70.3 training. And please, before you jump to gluten being the culprit… research gluten. Not all these items contain gluten, and I feel like people are just jumping on the bandwagon. For 1% of the population, celiac disease is a serious thing, and I sympathize with the fact that those truly affected must stick to such a restrictive diet. However, about 18% of people are following a gluten free diet by choice which I find somewhat crazy. I think Jimmy Kimmel nailed the gluten topic. Please watch this clip because it cracks me up:

(Alright, official end of gluten rant.)

Fifth, work has been out of control stressful. I just had my weekend getaway to OBX, but it was not long enough. I feel like I’ve been drinking from a fire hydrant trying to stay on top of things since early March!

hosedThere is more I could complain about, but I’ll just stick to these. Now that I’ve told my little sob story, it’s time to move on! Time to pick myself up, brush myself off, and forge ahead again.


Weekly Workouts//

  • Monday – Recovery Ride 1 hr
  • Tuesday – Scheduled Rest Day
  • Wednesday – AM – Swim Speed Workout – 2050 yards, mostly as 50 yd sprints. (Splits were between 35-38 seconds – yay speedy yards!)
  • Wednesday – PM – 50 Minute Run with 6×2 Cruise Intervals (Intervals at 6:55, 6:39, 6:14, 6:25, 6:37, 6:51 – more speed work!)
  • Thursday – Bike Hill Repeats Scheduled – however due to being sick from the testing earlier in the day, this turned into a 1 Hr 20 Min Recovery Ride
  • Friday – 2300 Swim broken into 300s
  • Saturday – Brick 4 Hr 20 Min – Group Ride with T2 & run with my coach.
  • Sunday – 1 Hour 55 Minute Run at 70.3 Pace <– on dead tired legs due to my decision to fix all the things around my house on Saturday!

Weekly Totals//

  • Swim – 4350 yards
  • Bike – 2 hour 20 minutes – on trainer for recovery rides
  • Run – 2 hours 45 minutes, 17.25 miles
  • Brick – 4 hours 24 minutes, 62 miles
  • Total Time – 10 Hours, 55 Minutes (was supposed to be 12 hours, but my swims were quicker than planned, Thursday’s bike shortened, and my brick was also completed 15 minutes faster than planned.)

Weekly Photo Recap//

Bird Food or People Food? Trying different types of Rice mixes for hope of being able to eat them… no dice.

20140518-221742.jpgMonthly Stride Box arrived while I was traveling – some good stuff this month!

20140518-221735.jpgPost Medical Test – Breakfast at Jolime Cafe! Love breakfast food, especially after not eating for 24 hours!!

20140518-221807.jpgBest Friends. Or at least willing to lounge in the sun together.

20140518-221817.jpgThis made me laugh. Therefore, it’s included in the photos this week:

20140518-221834.jpgPlanting Flowers!

20140518-221826.jpgSuper Cow makes another appearance…

20140518-221841.jpgTackling the house ‘to-do’ list that has been building since before grad school… three years deep!

20140518-221857.jpgTrying to sort out what types of plants will actually grow in the shade. Thanks to my cousin, I have an awesome reference guide!

20140518-221914.jpgSorting out my nutrition for the 70.3 – sodium and electrolyte deficiency was an issue by the end of the race last year. Trying to avoid that mistake!

20140518-221906.jpgTrip #2 to get plants – herbs & vegetables!


Trip #3 to the garden center…

20140518-221925.jpgShady area garden. Now to keep the squirrels out.

20140518-221931.jpgSwitching to the soft top on the Jeep! Bronco was giving his best “I’m bored…” guilt trip pout.

20140518-221944.jpg 20140518-221939.jpg

I’m not a soda drinker, and usually avoid it, but after my long runs lately I’ve been craving one of these. Strange, but I completely gave in to the craving this week. And it was so good.

20140518-221950.jpgThanks to Bark Box, my dogs eat better than I do.20140518-221956.jpgDavidson Drafters Gear for the Tour de’Cure Century Ride is in! (Feel free to donate to the cause… I have 100 miles and want to make it worth it!)


Passed out puppy – I don’t see how this is comfortable. 20140518-222009.jpg

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!



3 thoughts on “Dear Life, “Uncle”.

  1. Christopher S. Malone says:

    Feeling better? It’s good to talk out stress. You’re not really being negative about it, especially when you include pictures of kids getting sprayed in the face with water. Brings me back to childhood.

    Glad you posted a Kubal pic and not some other coffee shop processed food picture. I had Kubal’s breakfast burrito today. A-mazing.

    Your dogs are adorable, by the way. Give Bronco a good ear and belly rub for me. He doesn’t know me, but I respect.


    1. Amie says:

      Yes, talking out stress definitely does help! And I try to stay positive even when I’m not feeling so positive!

      Thanks for the compliment on the dogs, I’ll pass it along to them – although I’m fairly certain they are already aware and try to use it to their advantage!


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