Fighting burnout…


This is my post from 2 weeks ago. It was started, but somewhere in the midst of being on the road for work again, trying to fit in my workouts, dealing with the resurgence of a running injury, and the overall stress of life washing up on me, I just didn’t have it in me to post or write anything… but hey, we all have those moments right?

Two weeks ago I was wondering why I signed up to do the Syracuse 70.3 again, why I was signed up for the century ride, and questioning my overall life/work/workout balance. Needless to say, I reached a breaking point at was at the tipping point of burnout. All I wanted to do was  just wanted to sit still for a bit. However, a life would have it, I was driving to Vermont, back to New York, over to Connecticut, back to New York and scheduled to do an overnight in Dallas, TX. Oh, and still workout for 11 hours to train for the 70.3.

All this stress manifested itself during my long workouts – I felt extremely tired and beat during my brick workout on Saturday. I’m not even sure how I managed to mentally work my way through the long Brick session, but I made it.  When I got up Sunday, my legs were dead tired, but I knew I had to run. I may have been better cutting the workout short or modifying it since my long run on tired legs while fighting mental burnout resulted in a calf injury. I felt it tighten and knot up around 2.5 miles, and for some reason thought that continuing to run for the next 11 miles was a great idea despite the pain. It was not. Walking proved difficult on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I went to get a massage to help workout some of the issues, but I’m still dealing with the aftermath. I had this same injury last year, so you would think that I would have known better, but I never learn…

Monday I was back on the road (boo!). Luckily, my trip to Dallas was cancelled at the last minute (yay!). And when I say the last minute, I’m talking the last possible moment before the point of no return. I was at the airport, boarded the flight, bucked in, ready for take off, and as the plane pushed back from the gate we were grounded due to weather in Detroit. I believe I was the lone passenger that was jumping for joy as this happened because I knew it likely meant that my trip was going to be cancelled since I would miss a major portion of my meeting. (Yes, I am the employee that arrives at the very last minute and tries to go with the tightest connections to get to the end destination…).

With this trip cancelled, this girl was officially off the road for the next 6 weeks. (Happy Dance!) I only have 2 short day trips for work, and the rest of my travel is for events or other personal (hopefully fun) stuff.

Weekly Workouts// Week of May 5th//

  • Monday – Rest Day (Traveled back from OBX)
  • Tuesday – 2500 yd Endurance Swim
  • Wednesday – 2 Hour Brick Workout with Tempo Intervals
  • Thursday – AM – 2200 yd Swim
  • Thursday – PM – 3 Mile Fun Run with my Sister (and all the pups) for her Birthday!
  • Friday – Scheduled Recovery Ride – cancelled due to late return from Connecticut
  • Saturday – 4:30 Brick Session – as 4 Hr Bike, 30 Min Run
  • Sunday – Run 2 Hrs at 70.3 Pace

Weekly Totals//

  • Swim – 4700 yards
  • Bike – No pure bike session this week
  • Run – 2 hours 30 minutes, 16.5 miles
  • Brick – 6:30 —> 92 Miles Covered
  • Total Time – 10 Hours, 30 Minutes

Weekly Photo Recap//

Super Cow Sighting in Connecticut.





The view when I wake up at my parents house… 2 Dogs ready to run around the farm!


My favorite mug.



Beautiful morning for a long brick session. 20140511-145841.jpg


Bronco doing what he does best… daring you to come get the ball! 20140511-145849.jpg


Post long run. Hard to see here, but learned the hard way that I need to wear more than just a tank top with my hydration pack. It looked like I was dragged down the road on my back… not too excited. 20140511-145908.jpg

I seriously love running the roads where I grew up. 20140511-145857.jpg


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