Dear winter, it’s not you, it’s me.

I know that EVERYONE in the Northeast is singing the same tune, but seriously – what is up with this winter weather? It just won’t go away. April 1st is Tuesday, and I feel like we’ve only had two tiny glimpses of Spring weather. Even 40 degrees feels like a heat wave after the crazy cold and snow that has been hanging out since the end of November!

I was so excited to think that we were going to have weather in the 40 and 50 degree temps this weekend – I had dreams of riding outside with the sweet cold weather biking gear that I picked up last weekend, but sadly the wind, sleet, pelting rain, and 30 degree temps were not something that I was willing to even try to contend with today. <– Meaning, I was once again sentenced to my brick workout inside. 2 hours and 45 minutes on a bike trainer is no laughing matter.

The first few times I had a long workout inside, I was ready to just buck up and do what I had to do. Now that we’re lapsing into the time when I was outside for my rides last year I’m finding that I’m struggling mentally to buckle down and push through these longer indoor rides. (If you’ve never biked indoors on a trainer, I will tell you that 10 minutes in and you feel like you’ve been riding for hours. It’s not too exciting or fun a rare form of torture.) On the bright side, I was able to watch quite a bit of House of Cards during my ride… there is some serious craziness on this show!

Despite the tough winter, I know that I am just lucky to have the ability to bike inside and run outside in the cold and wind and rain. My runs lately have (generally) felt amazing, mostly because I have been focusing on the fact that I am very blessed in my life. I have the ability to run, the ability to train, the ability to pursue my dreams.

Not everyone in this world is so lucky. I am especially reminded of this when some difficulties hit close to home. I won’t make you read through the lines, and typically I do stay away from the ultra personal details on my blog, but I’m going to cut to the chase. There has been some family stuff going on.

I have been blessed with a large and pretty tight knit family and I have the good fortune of having two grandmothers that are still alive. One grandmother is 90 and the other is 83. While they are both generally in good health, the past two weeks have been a bit difficult and for very different reasons they have both ended up in the hospital. Luckily, it appears that all will be well with both of them, and they are both now back out of the hospital. However, it is instances like this when it becomes painstakingly clear how much my family cares about each other. I am blessed.

Alright, enough serious stuff. On a lighter note, I read a couple articles this week that totally cracked me up and I related to all too well.

First:  Little Struggles Only Runners Know

And as a follow up: 36 Things only Runners Understand.

Kind of the same themes, but the second one had me totally cracking up on Friday morning. It was a great way to start the day! And to motivate me for the weekend of long workouts…

Speaking of workouts, last week I logged 10 hours –

  • Monday – Bike 1:00 Recovery Ride
  • Tuesday – 2000 yd Swim
  • Wednesday – Bike 1:30 Z2 Ride
  • Thursday – Cruise Intervals – 7 Miles with Speed Work
  • Friday – 2650 yd Swim – Downside Ladder
  • Saturday – Bike Fit in the AM, 11.5 Mile Run in the PM
  • Sunday – Brick Workout 3 hours 15 minutes (Bike 2:45, Run 0:30) – Bronco joined me for this run, he needed to burn some energy… he’s currently snoring loudly on the living room floor – success!

AND the weekly photo dump! (My favorite part!)

I went to Diva Night at Fleet Feet as a Ragnar Ambassador and ended up winning a raffle! (I see new kicks in my future…)


Squirrels beware. Bronco’s on the morning watch.


Um, wasn’t sure what to think of this, but now I wish I had a whole case. Darn those limited edition items!


(Speaking of limited edition items… I’m still on the lookout for Swedish Fish Jelly Beans – please let me know ASAP if you see them in the CNY region!)

Back on my cowgirl boot kick – Now that the snow is around less and less I’ve been busting them out!


Cruise Interval Progress… so excited to see my average HR drop by 5 bpm week over week! (Progress!!)


Bike Fit at Grey Ghost Bicycles Saturday AM. These guys are fantastic! If you’re in the Eastern NY area, definitely check them out – they have so much going on there from spinning classes, bike rides, a Tour de Cure Team (Davidson Drafters), tri club gatherings, and they are VERY experienced and knowledgeable. Seriously, go check them out!


The weather couldn’t make up it’s mind Saturday afternoon. Mid 40’s with a little sun action, a little cloud action, and a bunch of wind.  My Oiselle arm warmers were a life saver for my 11 miler!


Oh yea, and I now have a my little pony. And she knows what’s up. DMX.


Both of my sister’s dogs. They’re “sharing” a bone.  This went on for a while. It was adorable.


Roxie begging for a new toy while we wait for Bronco to finish up his nail trimming. (Seriously, she just helps herself to the sqeaker toys.)


Post 3.5 mile run. He was a trooper. Love having a running buddy. (Roxie always feels the need to mark her territory every 10 feet. Not very productive when running…)


Finally relaxing, wine, popcorn, and blogging on a Sunday night.


I don’t know about you but I’m getting ready for another crazy week. Workouts will ramp up in volume and intensity again next week – we’re on the peak week before a recovery week the following week. I generally have a 3 week cycle in workouts ramping up before having a recovery week. I have to admit I’m feeling a bit tired, but trying to push through. The weather is supposed to break this week (maybe the end to the everlasting winter?!) so hopefully that will put another boost on the energy levels.

Also, the ability to travel home to see family and a few friends was great. I find that’s the toughest part about living away from where I grew up – missing the day to day interactions with the family.

How about you?

  • I’d love to hear how you’re making it through this winter…
  • Do you have a close family? Friends? Do you live where you grew up or did you move away from home?
  • What was your favorite part about last week?

I hope you all have a smashingly good Monday. Keep fighting the good fight. Spring will show up eventually! (Meanwhile I’m anxiously awaiting the day that I can take the top off my Jeep!!)






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