Recovery Week (Or something like that…)

This week was a recovery week for workouts, but somehow my travel and work schedule didn’t get the message! It was lucky that my workouts were scaled back since I have been a road warrior ping-ponging across New York and Vermont!

Even with the scaled back workouts (6 hours this week as compared to 9 hours the past few weeks), I had a hard time fitting them all in as I spent a total of 18 hours in the car between Wednesday and Saturday for all my travels. First I had a work trip that sent me to St. Albans, VT (near the Canadian Boarder) and then I spent a day near Saratoga, NY before heading to Killington on Saturday for a day of skiing.

Needless to say, I’m pretty spent on the car travel. I’m still traveling and on the road for all of next week, but luckily the majority of it will be train or subway.

Workouts this week included:

  • Monday – 1:30 Bike Ride
  • Tuesday – 1 hour Run
  • Wednesday – Impromptu Rest Day – between the pool being closed for repairs along with my travel and work schedule, I didn’t make it to another pool. <– Also made for a cranky girl. I really love the stress relief my workouts give me, I dislike the stress I get from driving. Double Whammy.
  • Thursday – 1:20 Bike Ride
  • Friday – Made up my 2000 yd swim session and also fit in a 30 minute Z2 Run. My original schedule called for a 40 minute run only, but I thought this was a great way to sneak in a swim session and still get the benefit of the run. (P.S. my run was quite exciting since my HR Training is starting to pay off!)
  • Saturday – Skiing at Killington
  • Sunday – Travel Day – scheduled for a 25 minute Z2 run, but I’m not sure how this will fit in… especially since it appears that our hotel doesn’t have gym facilities. (Sadly, the program I am a part of does not seem to prioritize finding gyms with workout facilities. This is something I would love to get them to change for future groups…)

This week’s phone photo dump (because photos are more interesting than my rambles):

Trip 1 to Vermont – Missed a turn, resulted in driving across Lake Champlain.




And a trip across a pretty cool bridge to cross the State Line:20140302-065216.jpg




A very clear and cold morning, but a beautiful sunrise to enjoy (also a benefit of having 2 dogs wake you up early every morning):




Begging at it’s finest:



Skiing at Killington:




Hot Chocolate (with mini marshmallows) was a definite must – it was a cold day for skiing!20140302-065111.jpg

What I did not have pictures of was my evening with my Davidson Drafters Team for the Tour de Cure. About half the team (we have 91 riders right now – the goal is 100, please join us!), gathered at Grey Ghost Cycles for a meet and greet. There was a buffet, some door prizes and of course some of Davidson Brothers amazing brews to drink! Also, the meeting gave us all a chance to try on the bike jerseys to figure out which size to order for the ride. I’m pretty pumped about these, check them out:

1002214_586226214781087_1642230932_n 1800979_10201854945510502_450474944_n

Also, I’d like to thank Talk of the Town for their door prize since I was the lucky recipient of that prize! Can’t wait to use my certificate!

As for the upcoming week, there is lots on the agenda. My workouts are scheduled to be pretty light since my LEAD NY class will be in session Monday – Thursday. Our schedule starts each day at 6:30 am and we don’t typically end our day until after 8 or 9 pm! However, it’s going to be a week packed with lots of learning – I’ll be in NYC learning about and visiting the various hubs, warehouses, and markets that help connect food to the residents of NYC. Should be very interesting, I’m excited to learn about all the challenges that the city faces, and to understand how the food distribution system works today! I’m planning to share some of this knowledge with you all next week – so stay tuned!

I hope you all had a great week last week and that your Monday is off to a smashing start!











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