150 miles for pizza.

This past weekend I drove 150 miles, one-way, for pizza.

Yes, you read that right. For pizza.

Hey, sometimes a girl’s got to do, what a girl’s go to do. And after my three-and-a-half-hour brick session Saturday morning, I needed a pizza. But not just any pizza. I needed the Black Horse Special (aka the best sort of supreme pizza ever made) from my hometown. So I jumped in the Jeep with the 2 pups Saturday and headed East. My mom is amazing. Within 30 minutes of my arrival, the pizza also arrived. Now, considering that I drove 150 miles to reach said pizza, and it was everything that I dreamed of and more, you would think that I would have thought to snap of picture of this glorious beast of a pizza. Nope. Instead I just inhaled it, along with the cheesy garlic bread sticks. (I blame the Run-ger.)

And while, yes, the thought of this pizza was the big driver of my choice to head East, it was also fueled by the fact that I had a long run on the agenda for Sunday, and frankly the thought of logging another one of these runs on the treadmill was about to result in me beating my head on the wall. The past two weeks, I successfully had stuck out an hour-twenty run and an hour-thirty run on the treadmill, and was exposed to watching the great sports of bowling, drag racing, and ice skating for those runs at the gym. And while I have enjoyed (and I use that term loosely) learning about these sports, I was really really really ready for a change of scenery!

Speaking of the past two weeks of training… check out this craziness:

  • Swimming: 10,550 Yards (6 miles) over 4 Sessions
  • Biking: 112.6 {bike trainer} miles – 2 Bike only Sessions/2 Brick Sessions
  • Running: 40.7 miles – 4 Run only Sessions/2 Brick Sessions
  • Total Mileage: 159.3 miles,
  • Total training time: 18 hours, 45 minutes


Some thoughts after adding everything up over the past two weeks…

First, I wonder how many bike miles I would have added up if those had been outdoor rides (my bike trainer rides tend to produce much lower miles)…and second, I’m so happy and proud of myself – last year this volume of training would have near killed me both mentally and physically. This year, while still tiring, I feel much stronger and ready to take on the higher volumes. [Note: I may (but hopefully not) change my tune the closer we get to race day.]

Also, I was super pumped on my long run this past Sunday – I’ve been doing Heart Rate (HR) based training which has been frustrating (a post coming soon about this type of training) but it is finally paying off! I put in a 11.25 mile run in Sunday and it really felt great! It’s amazing to finish a long (for me) run and feel great!  PLUS as mentioned, I was able to run OUTSIDE in the little spring thaw we experienced over the weekend here in Upstate NY out in the COUNTRY of my hometown. It was beautiful and made my run all that more enjoyable. PLUS I got to bust out my favorite compression running tights! (Can you tell how excited I was based on all my caps?!)


Sunday was just one of those days that makes you happy to be alive, to be a runner, and happy to be able to enjoy being outside.

So, other than my crazy pizza run and my crazy training, I actually have had a few other things going on in my busy schedule. Unfortunately, I have been slightly neglectful in taking pictures of events… but a few of the things I did choose to snap pics of include:

Adventures in food and eating – including the integration of nutrition and calorie tracking.  To help me reach my calories during my long weekend workouts (I’ve been averaging about 5 hours between Saturday and Sunday) – I’ve started in on smoothies. I’m loving experimenting with foods and incorporating spinach and other greens. I know, looks not quite appetizing, but don’t judge – they really are quite delicious!


I finished another project from my knitty list! Check out my latest fingerless gloves. I just love them, even if they did take forever due to the pattern.


I became RAGNAR famous. The email to promote the ADK Ragnar Relay was released last week – and when I opened it, I saw a picture of my friend Rochella and me as the large promo picture! (I’m in the purple on the right – yay for .02 seconds of fame!) This was right before my first leg of ADK Ragnar last year where I PR’ed my 10K pace! [Note: Photo credit goes to AO, one of our teammates from last year who is working on a pretty sweet video recap of our adventures from both Ragnar Cape Cod and Ragnar ADK.]

Ragnar Email

The pups continue to bring me lots of laughs. They spend a lot of time playing with each other – which involves a lot of Roxie trying to boss Bronco around with growling and barking, and Bronco retaliating by batting her around a bit, but when it comes time to crash, they cuddle up together.


This doesn’t always work out for Roxie, but they seem to tolerate each other…


And finally, I decided to donate my hair last week! For those of you that know me, you would have realized that my hair was getting quite long over the past year. Well, with all the training, my hair was becoming more and more of a pain. Trying to smoosh it into my swim cap, trying to keep it tied back during long runs, and so on was getting more and more of a nuisance. Never mind the fact that I was always running around with wet hair after workouts (not really great in the winter).

So I knew I wanted to shorten my hair and decided to just go for the gusto and finally really chop my hair like I had wanted to do since I was in high school. Every time before this I’d always chickened out and stopped with a cut around chin length, but luckily my hair stylist Krista that owns Lavish Salon told me I wasn’t leaving the chair until I finished what I had come through the door to do. I’ve been going to Krista for over 5 years now and she is seriously amazing, so if you live in the area, definitely give her a call!

So without further ado – here is a before picture from a few weeks ago:


And after!

20140224-203743.jpgI’m sure I’ll miss the long hair somedays, but I seriously loved training over the weekend and not having to have 3 hair ties and clips for my bangs – all I needed was a head band and I was good to go! (Plus I enjoyed the fact I probably looked a little more crazy with my hair flopping all over the place as I ran down the road!)

Ok, well here we go with another couple of weeks of adventure, including a trip to  to VT and another to NYC – so if you don’t hear a lot from me, no worries, I’m just out living life!

Hope you all had a stellar weekend and an even better Monday!


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