The post that never was. Until now.



So I uploaded a bunch of pictures to share will you all about a week ago but never actually wrote or published my post, so I guess I’ll just give you all a little update on my first full week of 2014, a week late!

First of all, this guy…. who eats like that?  He must have been really hungry/feeling protective of his meal. Everyday is an adventure with Bronco.



Speaking of adventures with Bronco… spinning on my trainer is quite the adventure with Bronco around. He likes to play the game of trying to bite my foot every time the pedal comes near his face. Not too productive…


Pretending to enjoy all the bike sessions… my new coach’s plan is quite intense and I’ve had to snap back into things… 2 hours on the trainer anyone? Guess I just have to keep that 100 mile bike ride in mind… (more on that later, yes another post still in draft form waiting to be shared!).


So the first week of the year was BITTER cold. But, here’s a little proof that even something that seems miserable on the outside can bring unexpected beauty into your life – caught this out of the corner of my eye as I was leaving my house for the Lights on the Lake run.


The bitter cold meant less outside time for the dogs… and some serious pent-up energy, so we braved the temps and headed to Highland Forest to snowshoe! Bronco is definitely a bigger fan of this than Rox, but she was determined to come along for the trip! The trails at Highland Forest are amazing any time of year, but I thought the forest was especially pretty with all the snow!20140107-210544.jpg


Rox is definitely happy to be done snowshoeing.

Curled up and ready to rest on the ride home!


Oh the joy of the swim outlet grab bag… I’m going to be SUPER fashionable in the pool for this round of training.  Luckily I still have my crazy red patterned suit from last year’s grab bag, and I have some other swim cap options, so maybe this won’t be too bad… or maybe I’ll just rock the look they gifted to me. 🙂20140107-210616.jpg

I started a new DIY project with these little gems found at an antique shop near my parents home. It’s going to be awesome. Stay tuned.


And finally, I just wanted to throw this in here… Sam is awesome, and so is Alaska. She’s been working on convincing me that moving to Alaska would be the most logical step in my life… again, she had a point when we were facing subzero temps and Alaska was having a nice little streak of relative warmth. I love and miss this girl. Luckily, she’s only a text away!


Other than that, I started training on January 2nd. And if I had posted this on time, it would have marked my first full week of training. As I mentioned above, we jumped right in to this round of training. No messing around at T2. A little recap of the first full week:

Monday – Rest Day.

Tuesday – 1500 yd Swim.

Wednesday – 50 min Bike.

Thursday – 50 min Run.

Friday – Rest Day/LEAD NY Session (spanned Thursday – Saturday).

Saturday – 30 min Run.

Sunday – 90 min Bike.

During my half week before, I was in the pool for 1900 yds, on the bike a 60 minute and a 90 minute session, and ran 4 miles at Lights on the Lake.  Like I said. No fooling around here.

Hope you all enjoyed your first few weeks of January!


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