A few of my happy things.

There are a number of things that have made my week fantastic. I thought I’d throw a few of the highlights out on this sunny afternoon before starting another fun weekend here in CNY!

3 Miles at a 7:18 pace… on trail… (Whoot!)
Beaver Lake

Kickball complete with Walkout Songs (I know..old picture, but you get the point…).


A visit to Vermont



A few hours with the family in ENY (and a few 2 week old kittens…)







6 years of Racing


Tough Muddin’


DSC_0480My sidekick & her antics.

20130729-113527.jpgNew Running Sneakers (Day Glow Yellow- Bonus!)

20130802-094802.jpgGifts from afar…

20130802-094925.jpgZoo Brew!


& 6 months of playlists, beers, dinners, races, road trips, & adventures.

These are a few of my happy things.

I hope you have a incredible weekend!  I know I will since I’ll be volunteering at Irongirl Saturday and then cheering on all my friends during the race Sunday.  To my friends: you are all amazing – have a blast and enjoy every minute!!  You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to just have fun!!

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