Tough Muddin’

Last weekend was Tough Mudder in Buffalo…. well, actually Alfred, NY (2 hours south) – but whatever.  So, I must admit, I signed up for this event through the encouragement of A and I was not looking really looking forward to running the event because I had always sworn that I would not participate in a mudder.  No particular reason, just never had any interest in participating in one.  Well, now that I’ve done it, I have to say I loved this event and I’m so happy A talked me into it.  Between the walls to climb, the miles and miles of mud (we’re talking serious mud…), and the crazy off-the-wall obstacles that the mudder is known for, it was a great day.  The 11.6 miles ticked off no problem and I was ready for another go round at the end – despite being hit hard by the electroshock therapy… and yes I apparently blacked out when I was hit, no I don’t remember anything other than the fact that I was hit, and then was standing up out the obstacle covered in mud. Fun stuff. Ok – honestly – I could have skipped that part, but whatever, it was till a great day.  In fact, it was such a great day, that we’re going for round 2!  Well actually round 3 for A, round 1 for C and S – yes, we’re at it again, the crew from Forest Frolic is heading to Mt. Snow next weekend for some muddin’ fun – oh and some serious climbing.  The entire course is up and down the ski slopes… the course is supposed to be one of the more challenging mudder courses, so this should be a great time!  (Yes, I pay companies to beat me up for fun. No I do not need a psychiatric evaluation…)

Rather than spell out each muddy and wonderful mile of the tough mudder, I figured I’d just share the few before and after photos that A and I took together, and throw in the proofs from the professional photographers.

Before… slightly concerned about what is about to happen…
tough mudder start 2
Pre-race thumbs up.
tm carry
Carry your teammate. No problem!
tough mudder wood
Glad my parents prepped me for this when I was younger.
Mud Mile. My Favorite!
Mud Mile. So fun!
Finish Line - Post my experience in Electroshock Therapy...
Finish Line – Post my experience in Electroshock Therapy…
All done! (P.S. Check out the amazing photo bomb over my shoulder)
Fav pic of the day! All smiles & semi clean post our “showers” with the hoses provided.

Obviously this doesn’t cover the whole course, and unfortunately (fortunately?) there are no pictures that have been recovered of either of us during the electrical obstacles.  I was happy that we were able to run the entire 11.6 miles and we even took on every “burn zone” which meant we did well over 120 pushups, a bunch of burpees, and a 250 yard bear crawl during the course.  Oh and I was pumped that I was able to do every obstacle without any major problems.  I even jumped off the cliff without freezing (heights just are not my thing – even though I’ve bungee jumped a couple times, still have a hard time with them.)  The only real issue I had was the monkey bars – I only made it about 4 in before I dropped – monkey bars have never been a friend of mine.  I think it has something to do with chipping my teeth on them when I was in kindergarden, but maybe it’s time to overcome that.  I’m thinking I need to just start hanging out on playgrounds to practice – and try not to be the creepy lady in the process… 🙂 My final comment on the mudder is my love for the mud. This course made sure that everyone ended up completely muddy. There was absolutely no avoiding it, and they placed mud pits all over the course.  Seriously, if we were not going through an obstacle, we were slugging through some mud.  It was fantastic.

When A and I finished, we actually contemplated going for round 2. Sadly, as we talked about getting back in the starting pen it started to rain.  Maybe this was a blessing in disguise, since we probably would have gotten part way through and regretted the decision to go for the second lap.  We decided we really didn’t feel like tackling all the obstacles if they were totally slippery from the rain, especially if we were a little tired – it would make it all the more likely to end up injured. (And I would have had way more gnarly bruises to add to the collection that have appeared on my body the past few days…)

After leaving Alfred, we were absolutely starving… we had breakfast around 6 am and finally were out of traffic around 4pm. (Note to self: pack a cooler with some food for Mt. Snow.) As we drove through Alfred on our way out, we realized that every restaurant was packed with mudders so we decided to head to Geneseo for food.  This was a plus since I got to 1) see Geneseo for the first time in over 5 years – I spent a year here in my undergrad so it’s always fun to visit and 2) we got to check out a place that A has had his eye on for a while: The Sea Cow Grill.  Seriously, it’s called the Sea Cow Grill.  How can you turn this down??? Especially when we both work in dairy and the restaurant looks like this (I apologize for the poor picture quality):

20130729-113352.jpgAs it turns out, the Sea Cow Grill was delicious! Although I’m pretty sure after 12 hours of not eating plus throwing in the 11.6 miles and all those obstacles, you could have fed us anything… but seriously, I’d totally eat here again. Amazing food. Nice waitstaff. Tasty beverages. I give it a gold star.

After we drove the rest of the way home (with a pit-stop at the outlets), it was time to officially clean up with an actual shower and head over to JB’s Bacon-Birthday.  Sadly, the rain put a damper on the evening, but it was good to catch up with people even though we were exhausted from our marathon of a day!

Well, that pretty much sums up the Saturday.  I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great week!


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