Festivities and Family.

This past weekend was a crazy and fun weekend – lots of family, friends and fun packed into the 4 day holiday weekend. A and I kicked off the weekend on Wednesday by going to see Despicable Me 2 – I loved loved loved the first Despicable Me and was so excited to see the second movie. (Yes, I am really only 5 years old…) I am happy to report that the movie did not disappoint even though it was a sequel – the minions and Agnes are still just as awesome in the second movie as in the first!

GruPrincessDespicableMe2_article_story_mainThursday was July 4th & the only day that A and I didn’t have any set plans – so obviously the day was amazing. We were not sure what we wanted to do, so the day and decisions throughout the day were determined by flipping a coin. Heads, we head north – Tails, we head south. We ended up heading to Ithaca with Roxeroo for a day of hiking, eating and relaxing… It was pretty amazing, we hiked at Taughannock Falls, ate at CTB (most amazing sandwiches ever…) and then chilled in Fall Creek for the afternoon before heading back north to meet up with P & R & a few other friends to check out the fireworks displays in Syracuse. 20130709-100951.jpg20130709-101009.jpg20130709-101022.jpg

20130709-101049.jpgOn Friday, I woke up early and made the most amazing cookies that I’ve ever made… S’mores bars! But these are not just any s’mores bars, I seriously feel like this recipe combines together to form unicorn pixie dust and rainbows inside the cookies. If I was a mean person, I would just keep the recipe as my own personal secret weapon, but since I’m not truly a mean person – I will let you all in on my source of such magic. You can find the recipe here on Janae’s blog: The Hungry Runner Girl. Seriously, it’s amazing. So amazing that after I delivered the first batch to A’s family party, my life was threatened if I ever showed up with them again since they couldn’t stop eating them. I know this really means I just have to bring them again… so what if they have a bazillion calories in each bar?!

Saturday was S&C’s wedding day!  It was a very hot but very good day for a wedding.  It was so much fun celebrating the start of their new life together with coworkers and friends. Plus, S had covered every last detail for the wedding with little personal details – from the ribbons made out of scrap fabric to the popsicles served after the ceremony and the salsa dance lesson that we all had fun with!  It was a great day and I am so happy for them – I’m just sad to see S leave us to head to Alaska to start her new life… although this means I now have a definite reason to check my visit to Alaska off my bucket list! (Bonus!)

Sam WEddinhgS&Cweddinggroup photofamilypicnicFinally, the weekend wrapped with my annual family reunion.  Every fourth of July, my mom invites all the relatives near and far to attend a cookout at our house.  This year we had a particularly large gathering with 92 people in attendance (including all my cousin’s babies).  It was another scorcher of a day – and a long trip to ENY and back, but so worth it to catch up with everyone and to get a family picnic 2few snapshots of people enjoying their time together.  Also, my cousin J made a lawn jenga set which was a ton of fun, but super dangerous for little kiddos – hello 2×2 super sized jenga pieces… no so kid friendly – although they all wanted to have a go at it.  I finally was the one stuck with no easy move left and toppled the tower over, but it was all in good fun!



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