Last minute thoughts.

So this week, I managed to get out into Jamesville Reservoir to swim a couple of times. Thank goodness for that! I met up with some friends from the Tri Club on Tuesday to try to calm my nerves about the open water swimming before the big day on Sunday.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

I have to admit on Tuesday, I started to panic again as we headed across the water to the other shore. It just seemed SO FAR AWAY! Luckily, I managed to just keep reminding myself that I could do this, and I would make it (Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…). Once we turned around, it didn’t seem so bad. By our estimation, we swam about 1600m – so just short of what I’ll be doing Sunday. I felt much better after that swim and actually started to get really pumped for Sunday!

Wednesday my cousin from TX was in town for work (yay!) and we ended up meeting for dinner at Dinosaur BBQ (twist my arm…). Also, my old college roommate came into town to have dinner with us too – it was great to catch up with the girls & my cousin had a surprise – she’s pregnant! So excited for her!

Last night I returned to the reservoir for a final swim and I just started cracking up as I tried to complete my swim. I went with my friend J – and this is pretty much how it went:

J: “Ok, we’ll go nice and slow, just 30 minutes or so.”

Me: “Great, sounds good.”

A few minutes later – J is a couple hundred feet in front of me… I start thinking about how slow I am swimming, but that I really don’t care. Front crawl for a bit, feel tired/bored, so I start to do the side stroke and look around, realize I’m losing ground, try to front crawl more, stop to breast stroke, think about my life, realize I’m losing more ground, back to front stroke. Get tired, start with the side stroke again, have some random thoughts about Sunday, start to enjoy the swim, realize I’m dropping further behind, try to catch up… and so it went, for 27 minutes… I wonder what other athletes think about as they swim… are their thoughts as random as mine??

I really do find swimming to be boring and difficult. I think I’ve realized I’m much happier just taking my time and making it through the swim. Sunday the plan is going to be to hang back, relax and just make my way through… and probably contemplate my life as I work to finish up the 1.2 miles and jump on my bike!

Speaking of Sunday… the other thing that is going to be oh so fun to deal with…. has anyone seen the weather forecast?!


I mean seriously, where is this coming from. Not cool mother nature, not cool. I know it’s now officially summer and all, but I’m not ready for this crap. Heat & Humidity. And what is up with the 30% chance of t-storms… I’m ready to pay some serious cash to have this forecast changed.Some of the tri club members are already talking about how the run course will feel like this:

Yeah…. unfortunately, it may become this is likely to be reality. Time to double-check & fine tune my nutrition & hydration plan. Oh and I’ll now be adding a visor or hat and a white shirt to my run outfit… better safe than sorry. The only thing that makes it seem a little better? The fact that every athlete is going to be dealing with the same situation. No time to acclimate to the heat/humidity, so we’ll all be suffering together. (Actually, someone should probably check each and every one of us into a psych ward.)

Regardless. even if I’m crawling, I will cross that finish line on Sunday. Just got to stay smart as the temps start to rise… ice, ice, baby.


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