Birthday Fun & the First Tri of the Season!

Last week brought more rainy weather to CNY (surprise).  So much that it caused me to bust my bike trainer back out to get a quick workout in prior to Tri-Oswego Thursday night. Update: I still despise my bike trainer.  Biking in place is so boring, especially when you know how fast your bike can go outside…

Oh hey trainer… long time no see.

After my quick workout, I headed to the Whitewater Pub with A to watch C’s band play at Open Mic Night. Due to the buckets of rain that had poured down all afternoon, I busted out a pair of boat shoes, flood pants, and a rain jacket – I was prepared to board the Arc and sail out to sea if need be… luckily that did not have to occur, and sadly I don’t have a picture for you (blogger fail).

Now, I know I’ve plugged Whitewater Tavern Pub on my blog before, but if you’re in CNY and have the time to take a trip out to Canastota, I would highly recommend it because: 1) the owners (Chris and Katie) are super nice, 2) it’s got a great hometown feel, and 3) they have an amazing beer selection and carry beers that most places don’t!

When I got home Thursday night, I was surprised to find out that Miss Roxie has changed her opinion about her totally cool hippo toy that I picked up for her. If you remember (if you actually read my blog) this toy was the first one that I ever got her that she had absolutely no interest in… well things have changed – the hippo is now #1 and even goes to bed with her every night.

So maybe the hippo isn’t so bad…

This past week was also a week of celebration! There were a number of birthdays including mine about a week ago, R’s on Wednesday, and A’s was last weekend. I love surprises, and I love surprising people (in a good way, not a scary way).  Since A was having a big birthday (hello 30!) I wanted to make sure I got a special present for him.  I had so much fun assembling this gift & put a little present inside each bag – I’m not going to go into the details of each gift – but there was a theme with the presents in each bag. Plus, as you can see, there were 30 different beers – which was also fun to pick out and collect for the gift!

Birthday celebrations!

On Saturday, it was time for Tri-Oswego. It was a great day. I typically hate waking up early, but it’s a totally different thing on race day, especially when the sun popping up – 5 am becomes no problem!  I love the excitement of a pending triathlon and I love it even more first thing in the morning.  Saturday was no exception – I was jumping around with excitement, I think I overwhelmed A a little with just how peppy I was first thing in the morning as we headed up to Oswego.

When we arrived at the Marina, it was clear that it was going to be a gorgeous morning, perfect for a race.  As I racked my bike, set things up for transition and started the typical fight to get the wetsuit on I was feeling great.  I had the right amount of nervousness and excitement going on and the adrenaline was starting to kick in as the start of the race neared.  When the swim started, I even had a great kickoff as I fought my way through the initial jumble of swimmers at the start.  Unfortunately shortly after I broke away from the group, I started to have a panic attack in the water.  This was a first for me, and I’m not even sure why it started – it could have been the waves, my wetsuit fit was a little off, the jet ski fumes, or maybe it was all just mental – but to calm myself down I immediately gave up on the front crawl for a majority of the swim and busted out the side stroke and breast stroke.  Luckily, in this sport, you can have a terrible swim and make up time later on the bike and run.

My bike ride went fairly well considering that I never had a chance to preview the course.  I did miss one turn, but after a quick tire burnout and turnaround I was back on track.  As I came in to finish the bike, I realized I had not seen too many runners on the course yet, I also realized I had not seen many (any?) women.  When I racked my bike, I knew there were not too many people back from the bike yet, which was awesome.

Tri-Oswego – Bikes in Transition – it’s a beautiful sight!

After a quick(ish) transition, I was out on the course for the run.  Overall, I felt good on the run but was being careful not to push too hard too soon because I didn’t want to burn out and I also didn’t want to risk injury before the half IM.  It wasn’t until I was hitting the out and back on the college campus that I started to see other women on the course and realized that I was having a really good race.  I finished the run strong, and honestly I probably had a more to give as I finished up, but like I said – no injuries was my goal for the day.  Overall, my results were as follows:

Swim:     15:15
T1:            1:23
Bike:       54:50
T2:            0:50
Run:       25:16
Total:   1:37:34
2nd in Age Group 25-29
7th Female Overall
25th Athlete Overall

It was kind of weird to participate this sprint race since all my focus has been on the half IM that’s coming up Sunday, but I was totally psyched at the results!  After this experience with the half IM training, I may just focus back on short course events – they’re fun and don’t take too much out of you – and I’d like to see what I might be able to achieve!

Race Bling!

To finish off this post (which may or may not be the last time you actually hear from me before the race…) we’re in the final week of training.  D-day is on Sunday – a few short days away.  It’s a taper week with a lot less milage and time spent training.  I’m trying to be extra good about drinking water and staying off my feet.

I also am attempting to get some more open water swim practice in.  I met up with a friend tonight and swam across Jamesville Reservoir – about 1600 yards – and felt much better about the swim as I came back across the Reservoir.  So with a little luck, there will be no repeat of the panic attack on Sunday since I’ve gotten a good swim in and I know that I’ve got this – even if I am a little slow in completing it!  We’re going to hit the open water again on Thursday as long as the weather cooperates – I hope this helps me to get another solid OWS in.

Friday I’m planning on going to a BBQ with the the Tri Club – it will be awesome to catch up with people before the race, and to share in the collective excitement and simultaneous nervousness before the event.  Saturday will be bike racking and check in, then Sunday at 7:25am the party will begin! (Technically, it will all start around 4 am, but the official wave start for me is 7:25… but whatever, I can’t wait!)

Here’s to the final week & the fun of the big event!!

The final week.

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