T-Minus (2) Weeks!

Sorry for the delayed posting here everyone – this week didn’t get off to a great start for me, but we’re trucking along now…. I’m feeling like this is going to be a fairly random post since I have many things to talk about but don’t want to bore you all with the details – so I apologize in advance if this jumps around a bit!

Last Sunday I rode the 70.3 bike course again – I can’t wait until I’m done riding this course – it’s more challenging than fun at this point, and I feel like I’ve been beating myself with a stick to try and enjoy this thing.  Maybe I’ll look back fondly when it’s over?? 
Along the ride, I snapped a shot of the IM logo that was mowed into the side of Lab Mountain (below) – I think it’s totally cool that they do this every year in support of the event and I was psyched to see it last week!  I started looking around the Syr IM website when I finished up my ride last Sunday and realized they had published the bib numbers for the race – this makes it all the more real that race day (June 23rd) is closing in and fast!! 

Bib numbers released, IM logo mowed into Lab Mt, here goes nothing!

One part of me doesn’t feel like I’m ready for this race (mostly due to my bike still not feeling like it fits great) and the other part of me is so ready to be done training for this thing.  I think I’ve finally settled on a 70.3 as being enough for me.  Not sure I’m ready to commit to a full Ironman – however, I’m sure time will tell and I might be singing a different tune after the race – we’ll see…

The modifications on my bike continue. I finally installed my hydration system on the front of the bike – I know I should have done this long ago since I will now be racing Saturday with something new to try… yes I’m committing the ultimate rookie mistake – never try anything new on race day.  At least this is a sprint tri so I should be able to survive even if things don’t pan out 100% – plus it gives me practice before next weekend’s big event.

New Hydration System Installation

Speaking of the event, my cousin sent me the best present this week – new nail polish!  Ok, yes, I don’t typically get excited about nail polish but I will explain why this is the best present. First, the name “Teal the Cows Come Home.”  Definitely appropriate due to my work in dairy. Second, it’s teal.  Little known fact: I always paint my toes teal for races.  Why?  It started because my first bike was teal & I matched my toes to my bike – yes weird, but whatever – ever since it’s just become a tradition for me a racing.

Oh and this has nothing to do with anything – but I love this pic I snapped of Rox this week.  My mom says that Roxie is one of the most photographed dogs that has ever lived – she might be right – but seriously, how photogenic is she?! I just need to figure out a way to turn this into some profit then I could just live off her for a while.  It’s only fair, I mean she’s been living off of my paycheck for seven years now – and she doesn’t even do her chores around the house when I ask her to!

The art of Relaxing ala Roxanne.

Another thing that made me happy this week – my hibiscus tree flowered!!  I bought this tree last spring and it was gorgeous all summer.  I kept it alive (barely) during the winter and wasn’t sure if it would come back this year.  Most plants don’t live very long under my watch, so I’m psyched that this one has survived a year with me (I think the tree is happy too).

She’s alive!

This week marks the second to last week of training for the Syracuse 70.3 – it also marks a race week for me with Tri-Oswego on Saturday! I’m excited to compete in a short course tri this week because I have fun with the shorter distance ones and because it gives me a chance to test everything out before next week.  I’m looking forward to a fun little Saturday morning – hello 5 am wake up!

Almost there.  Down to the final 2 weeks of training.

Finally, Rox had to go to the vet today.  She had all her vaccines updated and a heartworm check.  Roxie always gets so excited when we go to the vet because she gets to ride in the car.  The excitement usually is maintained until we open the front door at the office and she realizes where we are.  After over an hour at the vet’s office which includes a lot of stress yawning and whining from the pup, we were outta there – but not before Roxie could get some more good acting in.  They put a little bandage on her leg (see below), and you would have thought that they broke her leg – she was walking around holding the one leg in the air… drama queen.  Again, I realize that I really need to figure out how to put her acting and photogenic little face to use! (Just kidding – sort of).

They hurt my leg mom – it iz broken.


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