Ingredients for a fun filled week: Kickball, Running, Cupcakes and Confetti.

Well, another fun filled and busy week has come and gone.  There was sup much packed into this week, it makes my head spin!  It also resulted in my training plan being pushed to the back burner – but I guess that’s a little of the give-and-take/ life-balance equation that comes into play…

This Monday I was on the road for work and attended the Grand Opening of the new Quaker Muller Plant in Batavia, NY.  It was a really nice event and brought in a few high powered people to celebrate the opening.  This is the latest addition to the ever growing yogurt boom in NYS and it is quite an impressive plant!

Indra Nooyi, Pepsi CEO – Addressing the crowd.

The new Muller Quaker Dairy Plant

Tuesday was our Spring Kickball League Playoffs – now I have not brought up the kickball team very often on this blog, but I have played kickball every year for the past 7 years.  I spent my first 4 years on a Monday night league, then transitioned during that 4th year to start a new team on Tuesdays.  Our team always has a ton of fun, however we’re not very good a winning (ever) – unless we’re in the playoffs, then our team seems to always pull it together to win at least the first round of playoffs.  Tuesday was no different, we brought home our first win of the season!  Sadly, the winning streak didn’t follow us through game 2, so our season is over. Luckily summer session is only a few short weeks away!

Wednesday morning came at me fast and furious with a 3:30 am wake up call for my day trip to DC. By 4:30 am I was at the airport and sailed through the new security screening area – I landed in DC by 6:30 am, grabbed a cab and was at the hotel by 6:45 for my 8 am meeting.  Talk about smooth sailing… after my meeting, I headed back to the airport and arrived back in Syracuse at 4:30 pm.  Days like this with in-and-out meetings are pretty crazy, I was just happy that I only had to get to DC this time and not land in the central part of the country.

When I got home, I was surprised that I had tons of energy left so I finally bought some flowers for my deck and then hit up the track for my 6 mile tempo run.  I also busted out a new running outfit that I picked up – part in celebration of National Running Day and part because I wanted to test out the new gear.  I must say that I love love love this new tank – I think it’s going to be perfect for my upcoming races in July!  I always struggle with what to wear as the heat and humidity starts to ramp up during the summer months.

Wednesday night I was scolded for not having my weekly inspirational quote included on my workout schedule/board.  I guess I could blame this on the fact that I really am over the whole training schedule.  I feel ready for my race and I’m ready for June 23rd to be here… but luckily A added some inspiration for me this week. 

Thursday afternoon is when I hit my wall.  The fact that I was up for 21 straight hours on Wednesday and only grabbed about 5 hours of sleep going into Thursday came rushing at me during my meetings at work.  By the time the end of the work day rolled around, I was zapped and ready to just chill for the night.  Luckily, (well unlucky for my training) it was a rainy evening which made it easy to decide to just chill inside and relax.  It was the best way to spend a rainy night: dinner, drinks and movies with A!

Today was an early celebration in my office – complete with mini carrot cake cupcakes, peanut butter choco chunk cookies, cake with whipped cream filling, dips, soup, donuts (shout out to National Donut Day!), and the list goes on…  basically we ate a lot of food, my coworkers had fun throwing confetti all over my office, and I was sent some gorgeous flowers.  Pretty sweet way to end the week!  

Carrot Cake Cupcakes – They’re so beautiful (and delicious)!!

Confetti… the gift that keeps on giving.

My flowers!

This weekend will be another fun packed weekend complete with some more training (surprise!), some time at the best festival of the summer (Taste of Syracuse!!), a wedding and a birthday party for my friend R!

It’s going to be a great weekend – hope you all have some fun planned for your weekend too!


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