Heat & Training.

Last week was crazy busy (again).  Between work, training, and trying to fit in fun with friends it feels like my life is way out of balance lately.

Last week I did get a fun email from USA Triathlon – apparently since I placed in the Duathlon, I can now compete in Nationals for Duathlon in Arizona in October.  While this would be a fun little vacation, I think I’ll be passing on this opportunity… but it was still a fun email to receive.

I also found out that once I complete Tri-Oswego and the Syracuse 70.3, that I’ll be nationally ranked by USAT.  That will be kind of cool, but I’m thinking it’ll be almost laughable how far down on the list I’ll be!

On Friday, I went out for lunch at the Bull & Bear Roadhouse and got the prettiest salad that I think I’ve ever seen. It was delicious – and I’ve been dreaming of eating a second one ever since!

My pretty salad.

This past weekend brought about some more long training opportunities.  Friday I had a 2 hour run.  What I did not plan for was the heat and humidity – I really should have taken the weather into consideration on Friday and gotten my tail out of bed at 5 am instead of trying to start my run at 6pm… let’s just say that the first 6 miles went well, I even enjoyed them despite the heat and humidity.  I had the perfect amount of water with me, I saw some awesome cattle in the fields and all was well.  Before starting the second loop of the course, I stopped at the car and refilled my water and started back out.  This was the point that everything started to go down hill.  The next 2 miles caused me to drain my water & then I was in trouble by the time I hit 8.5 miles.  It was a really dumb move to try and do the entire workout and I ended up cutting the run short because I got pretty sick.  When I got home Friday I landed myself in bed for a bit before getting up and heading out with some friends for a couple of hours.  So the second half of my run: Not great.  I hope we don’t end up with 90+ temps on race day in a few weeks!

Wish the weather was on here too – 90+ degrees & humidity… not a great combo.

Along the 70.3 run course.
Jamesville Reservoir – after my run.

Saturday was a rest day (sort of) – I went to a friends bridal shower in the morning.  Then I met up with A and went for a quick bike ride before heading over to the Bike Loft for my bike fit.  After a couple hours of trying out new bike seats and adjusting components on my bike I think we’re getting closer to getting me comfortable on my bike. (Keep your fingers crossed for me!)

Sunday brought about another hot and humid day and some additional significant training day for me. I swam 800 meters in Green Lakes, then biked for 4 hours (65 miles) along the 70.3 course and some additional roads (my longest bike ride ever… to some this would seem like a lot, to others I realize it’s no 100+ mile bike ride).  My focus was hitting the course then adding in a few extra miles of hills to keep getting my body used to climbing.  Hopefully all this hill training will help my legs believe that the course really isn’t that bad when it comes to race day.  My other focus on Sunday was not to crash on the wet roads – I rode through 4 or 5 rain storms on Sunday which was an interesting experience for me.  I’ve always been one to train in fair weather only – but I needed to get the workout in and waiting for good weather is not always an option in CNY. After the bike, I ran a few miles to complete the brick and continue to get my body used to the transitions. 

The rest of Sunday included errands & playing with Rox.  I got her a new toy but for the first time in Rockdog history, she rejected a new toy.  (I was shocked, it even has a squeaker!)  I know she looks excited below but she immediately dropped it on the floor and left it alone.  Apparently this squeak toy is not worth her time to destroy.  That will teach me to buy her clearance toys in the future – I’m guessing she somehow knew I had gotten out of a discount bin.

New Toy – Rejected!

This week is bringing some travel for work and some final long workouts.  I have swimming on the schedule tonight – but I’m guessing kickball playoffs will prevent me from completing that workout. 

The rest of my schedule for the week looks like this:
Wednesday (National Running Day) – 6 mile speed workout
Thursday – 2600 yd swim
Friday – Bike: 70.3 course (56 miles), Run: 3 miles. 
Saturday – 40 minute Open Water Swim in the morning & wedding festivities in the afternoon (yay!)
Sunday – Bike: 2 hours, Run: 9 miles

I think it would be interesting to know how many miles I’ve covered in the past months of training.  These past few weeks have definitely included some crazy miles!

Only 10 days until the Oswego Tri & 18 until Syracuse 70.3!!


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