Memorial Day Weekend Recap.

This weekend we were planning to run in a race near my hometown and then go hiking and camping for Memorial Day.  Unfortunately mother nature had other things in mind with the 40 degree temps and rain that rolled in on Friday and Saturday – way to kick off the summer season. I’m hoping this is not the trend for the season. 

Since the weather looked so terrible, plans were adjusted for both my training & the weekend.  My training plan seems to keep being adjusted more and more lately.  I’m blaming a lack in motivation along with the weather these past 2 weeks.  Honestly, I’m just ready to run the 70.3 and be done with it.  I know that race day will be here before I know it (25 days from today) and I’ll hopefully feel great to finish this race, but the constant training and feeling bound by a schedule is starting to wear on me.  It’s been fun to work with my coach and see all the improvements in my running etc, however I’ve just felt really tired the past few weeks and I think I’m ready for a little break after this.

In spite of my desire to just lounge all weekend, I did get back out on the 70.3 bike course again on Saturday.  This time it was for a 35 mile bike to be followed by a 10 mile run.  However, by the time I got off the bike, legs and toes were frozen.  I hadn’t factored in the wind and 50 degrees when I had started and it was so sunny out.  My mistake.  Due to the lack of feeling in my toes/legs/arms etc, I decided to skip the run and just go home to start preparing dinner for A and myself.  I was super excited to make steak gyros for us – it’s one of my favorite summer time meals (disregard the fact it felt like fall outside)!

Sunday I ended up going hiking in Ithaca with A and the Roxster.  We hit up Buttermilk Falls, which was crazy busy with people since the weather had finally broken and it was Cornell’s graduation weekend.  Luckily most of the other people just stuck to the bottom of the falls and were not hiking up on the trails.  We got a good 5 mile hike in followed by dinner at the Ale House in Ithaca.  All in all, it was a great afternoon and evening. Plus, I ended up with a bunch of fun pictures from the afternoon. 

Just a lonely beaver, chewin’ on a stick.

Monday ended up being a low-key day.  A and I just stuck around Syracuse, had brunch, and enjoyed a run at Beaver Lake. I wanted to try and make up for missing my long run on Saturday so I did a longer run and managed to get a little lost in the trails (first time running around there).  I also managed to run on a few trails that are not open for running (oops).  But at the end, I ended up doing a little more than 7 miles in the hour that I was out there running around.  Not terrible, but not the 10 miles I probably should have completed.  Oh well.  I’m thinking I’ll still be fine with the training I’ve done as long as I keep things going here for the next two weeks.  This week is a short work week, and hopefully I can jump start my training again to get back into the swing of things (only a few weeks left…).

26 Days to Go!

As a bonus to the short work week, I have some fun to look forward to tonight!  I have a shorter run tonight (love my speed workouts lately), and playing some kickball later with friends.  Oh, and Roxie turned 7 this weekend!  I can’t believe that 1) She’s already 7 years old and 2) that I’ve been out of my undergrad program and working that long already.  It’s a good thing that I’m not getting any older…. I mean, you’re only as old as you act, right?  Time does really fly!

Happy Birthday Rox!

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