It’s Du Time!

For some reason I thought it was going to be fun to race back to back weekends (and apparently thought this for both June and July as well…).  I’m still not recovered from the Ragnar adventure last weekend, but here goes nothing – tomorrow is the Fly by Night Duathlon.  I am not ready for this race, but luckily it’s more of a trial run to prep for the upcoming 70.3. 
During lunch today, I started looking at the website to figure out what the course looks like and what time I need to get my tail to Watkins Glen tomorrow… lucky for me it’s a evening race so I should be able to pull everything together tomorrow morning.  (Hopefully).  In my searching around, I found this video from last year’s race and I’m pumped – the course looks pretty sweet- now I only hope that the weather holds out for us tomorrow!


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