A severe case of Ragnaritis.

Well, Ragnar Cape Cod has come and gone. It’s funny, both times I have run Ragnar it feels like some strange dream that I have experienced rather than an actual event. Seriously, these races are a wonderful whirlwind of craziness. You prep for months to pull a team of people together to conquer a relay of 200 miles then you line up at the start line & then you enter a time warp for the next 30-ish hours which leads to lots of inside jokes, crazy fun, & unforgettable memories (and maybe a few you want to forget…).

At the start line.

Right now I’m loving all the pictures that are appearing from my team over the weekend, still laughing when I think of the various things that happened during the race and honestly I’m going through a bit of Ragnar withdrawal. Good thing the next one is only a few short months away!! Until then, I think the only thing I can do is share the weekend through a few pictures which really will never serve to fully share the experience that is Ragnar nor will it truly capture all the fun and good times. Seriously, I think I walked away more sore from laughing than running the 20 miles that I covered during the race!

Greenman to Captain America Handoff!

Now in the aftermath of Ragnar, I am most certainly suffering a severe case of Ragnaritis…

Rag – nar – i – tis (n): Feelings of sadness and longing to be in a van with Ragnar teammates and friends when away from them. Ragnaritis is an emotional state that can affect your nerves, sleep, concentration, appetite and general health. It is a real manifestation of feeling ill and anxious. It usually occurs when you are sad about being away from the Ragnar experience (the sights, the sounds, the magic). You are especially vulnerable in the few days after finishing a Ragnar event. In all cases, the cure is to begin planning your next Ragnar team as soon as possible.

I guess it’s a good thing we’ve got an ADK Team for September!!

After my last leg!

The Cat Lady Crusader – Rockin out to the Cowbell!

Doing our superhero thing.

192 miles, 28 hours and 13 minutes later… we’re done!


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