It’s Ragnar Week!

Yep, it’s finally here – Ragnar Cape Cod is happening this week!!  We’re heading out this morning for the Cape & assembling the team tonight for a 9 am start tomorrow!

But first, a quick recap of this week for everyone…  this week was a slow week for the training due to Ragnar Relay coming up, and the fact that I am still nursing an injury from Seneca 7.  Yes, I’m finally admitting it and telling you all that I strained my calf muscle in my left leg during the Seneca 7.  This is why I took a few days before I recapped the race on the blog – I was pretty bummed that I had such an amazing day but came out of it with a slight injury.  Last week I couldn’t run at all, but was able to bike and swim.  This week things have felt a bit better but I am still not 100%.  To get me through the race, my coach is reccommending the use of KT Tape.  I’ve never used this stuff, and I’ve always been a skeptic of it, but at this point – I’m willing to try anything since rolling and stretching is not doing the trick.

My KT Tape – Praying for a miracle.

My friend RB taped me up Monday for my meet up with some running friends where I did do some minor jogging and I was able to play kickball Tuesday – so things are looking up, and I have my fingers crossed for my 19.9 miles in Ragnar this Friday & Saturday!

Ready for kickball. Intimidation Socks.

Running Friends – cheering on a kickball team.
Yes there is a Yedi with us… that is not your imagination.

After kickball Tuesday, I met up with SD for a swim at one of the city school pools.  SD had texted me and forewarned me that the pool was “like a sauna”.  I had to say, I thought she was kidding since this pool is about 60 degrees and we typically freeze, but she did not tell a lie.  I walked in the door and the air was stifling. When we jumped in the pool, it was even worse.  The temp was 87 degrees!  All I can say is that I only got half my workout in before I had to call it quits and I am now officially ready for a tri in the tropics!

Last night, I went to the Bike Loft North for a bike fit.  After last Saturday, it was painfully (and I mean really painful) obvious that I needed an adjustment to my bike fit and a new seat for my ride.  When I took my bike in, there was good news and bad news… apparently I was fit to my bike in a perfect aero position which professionals will ride – great news right?  Well, only if you can actually hold that aggressive position the entire time you ride, which I cannot at this point. The good news is that we can adjust the position.  The bad news is that we have to order parts for my bike which the shop didn’t have.  So, I’ll be heading back for my actual fitting once they can get the parts in.  So I guess it’s a “stay tuned” to see how this all works out over the next few weeks.  I’m kinda hoping for a miracle to get my bike fit complete before the Duathlon next weekend…

Finally, it will likely be a few days before I get a post-Ragnar post up, but in the meantime, if you are curious to what our team is up to – we’re going to be live blogging our way from Hull to Provincetown here:

I’m so pumped to head out to the Cape & get our Ragnar on – fun times ahead!

Only 191.8 Miles until we Crush the Cape! 

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