Helllllo Spring. A beautiful & fun filled weekend!

This weekend was another whirlwind weekend! Shocking, I know.  I feel like there is always so much to do on the weekend and it’s all good stuff so I never want to turn any of it down!

But first, since I really didn’t do an update on last week, I thought I would just give a brief recap: Ragnar Prep.  Yep, that took up a lot of my spare time.  Well, that and kickball, the Boston Strong Run, and then Ragnar prep.  We had a team meeting last weekend to figure out some of our last minute prep for carpooling, food plans, costumes, etc.   I personally cannot believe that Ragnar is already here (only 5 days away as I write this post) and I also couldn’t believe how many emails I bombed my team with last week (sorry guys – procrastination got the best of me – also didn’t consider the extra coordination a distant race would take).  BUT all things considered, I think we’re going to have an awesome race & I can’t wait until we pack up and head out to the Cape this week!

But first, to recap the busy weekend – on Saturday, I got up early to head out on the 70.3 bike course with my teammate L.  I was totally pumped to ride the course but it was chilly (35 degrees when we started)!  I was excited that I had a teammate to ride with because a) it was cold, and 2) it was a bit early and c) we had a long workout ahead of us.  As a bonus, L competed in the 70.3 last year and was very familiar with the course – so she was able to forewarn me about the first part of the course and what I was about to face as we headed out.  However, what she was not able to help me with was the discovery that my bike fit to my tt-ride really is not too great, or the fact that the bike seat that came on this bike anything that I can really tolerate riding for much more than an hour… let alone 3+ hours… all in all I was fairly miserable by the time we hit 30 miles, and honestly I was ready to throw the towel.  Luckily, L was a great supporter and kept me going for all 56 miles Saturday – god bless teammates and the support we can all give one another.  Additionally, L was able to line me up with someone in the area for a bike fit – who is going to squeeze me in for a fit and new seat this Wednesday!

Finally, the icing on top of the cake for this first attempt at the course was the fact that my handlebar tape came off my right aero-bar 10 miles into our ride.  Not a huge deal, but not great for hanging on to the bike as you tear down hills – neither of us were prepared to fix it on the fly so at that point L just stated “it’s all part of the journey”.  Annnndddd, this is why I love her as a training partner, you need people that look at everything with a glass half full type of attitude.  It’s important to surround yourself with people who look at things in a good light.

After my bike ride on Saturday, I headed to a friends birthday party where we did some beer tasting and ate lots of delicious food.  The party was a lot of fun and it was great to hang out with some old friends and meet some new friends too!  As an added bonus, the party wrapped up with a cat rescue operation – pretty entertaining to watch 10 grown adults trying to get a cat out of a tree using everything from tree branches to couch cushions. 🙂

On Sunday I head to Oswego with A – we hit up a great place for brunch before riding around the city and then hiking the breakwall and to the bluffs. It was a gorgeous day out and I finally got to take the roof off the Jeep!!  We had a lot of fun hiking around, exploring and making sure that Rox got all the exercise that she wanted (and then some)!  Rather than talk about how beautiful and fantastic the day was, I thought it would be better to show it off with a few pics:

Rox rockin’ out in the Jeep.
The Breakwall.

Looking back to Oswego.

One tired & happy pup… 

At the bluffs. 

Beautiful right?!  It was such a great day, and with most beautiful spring days, brought an amazing lobster sunburn… you would think I would learn to wear sunscreen on the first great day of spring each year – especially since I am pretty paranoid about wearing sunscreen all summer.

What did you do this weekend? I hope you got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather – it seems like such a rare thing for CNY so we have to grab every day that we can here!

This week starts off yet another week of training.  The 70.3 is 8 weeks from today – but first – Ragnar Relay Cape Cod kicks off on Friday!!  The Cape’d Crusaders will be hitting the start line in Hull, MA next Friday at 9 am and we will Run, Eat, Sleep ?, Repeat! all 192 miles to Provincetown, MA.  I’m so excited for the fun filled weekend – we’ll be posting our adventure on our blog here: http://runningcapes.blogspot.com – so please follow along!  


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